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Exhaust-scandal: to Clarify, he is today the scandal? The winter grain tells in … – FOCUS Online

exhaust-scandal: to Clarify, he is today the scandal? The winter grain tells in the Committee of inquiry

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The former VW boss Winterkorn today could make it in the Bundestag Committee of inquiry to exhaust-scandal clean. In a civil case the judge made clear that the exhaust-gas-can trickery be only “from above” arranged.

the? is a crucial day in the exhaust gas scandal The scandal ousted former VW group chief Martin Winterkorn today in the investigation Committee of the Bundestag for the exhaust gas having an affair. It is the first major public appearance by the Manager since his retirement at the end of September 2015. So far, there were no illuminating Statements: “It is not to be understood as to why I haven’t been at an early stage and clearly informed about the measurement problems”, Winterkorn said on Thursday.

“He has the opportunity to make a clean sweep”

to what extent, Winterkorn answered the questions of the parliamentarians, according to his lawyer, is unclear. “Mr Winterkorn has the opportunity to clear the table. No other is likely to as fraud a lot about the Exhaust and its concealment to know," said the Committee-Chairman Herbert Behrens of the Left faction of the German press Agency. The same is true for the relations between the automotive industry and the Federal government, the winter grain had influenced for over a decade, significantly. Quite silent winter grain will probably not be able to stay, his “joy” will certainly have limits.

The Committee will primarily investigate the role of the Federal government and their relationship to the car lobby when dealing with the eye-catching exhaust gas values. The responsibility of VW employees in the Diesel-scandal in Germany, the checks, however, the Prosecutor’s office in Braunschweig. Against the winter grain and other managers is determined on suspicion of market manipulation. You should have informed the financial world after the announcement of the scandal was too late.

Germany’s largest car-Lobbyist must statements

As a further witness has been loaded by the examination Committee on Thursday, among other things, the President of the German Association of the automotive industry (VDA), Matthias Wissmann, as well as representatives from Audi and Opel.

“it is Important for us is also Winterkorn’s outstanding views of the role of the Federal government, which has ignored them over the years and state control, de facto, abolished,” said Green party Vice Oliver Krischer, representing the Green party in the Committee of inquiry. “I hope that Mr Winterkorn education on how this scandal could arise, and how the Software in the engines.” It was “absolutely unbelievable” that only a few engineers should be blamed on the manipulations, said Krischer. Because the interest in the survey Winterkorn’s outstanding is not so large, should the Committee of inquiry into a larger hall days than usual. Already there is evidence that Federal authorities and ministries have failed over the years in the control of the exhaust-gas values completely, and even manufacturers offered, that the authorities would not appear to made statements in Reports.

judges see “the arrangement from the very top”

In a civil lawsuit against Volkswagen AG, the group lost in the first instance , suggested to a judge of the district court of Hildesheim, and the exhaust gas scandal could hardly be without knowledge, or even an arrangement from the Executive Board level, arose to designate, without, however, specifically winter wheat. In the text of the judgment, the court criticized the VW group with harsh words:

  • It was traded in the off-gas Software is a deliberate Manipulation and the decision for their use should be in the hierarchy level of the group of far above: “In the use of the engine control software, it is a decision with huge economic reach, it can hardly be assumed that she was hit by a at the lower end of the operating hierarchy-based developer, on its own responsibility”, the court. It was to be assumed, “that this decision has been arranged by the Board of Directors or, respectively, ‘approved’,” the court said.
  • In the civil process had given the VW lawyers, among other things, that neither Ex-VW boss Martin Winterkorn, the former VW head of development Ulrich Hackenberg from the Manipulation of known or they have given in order.

diesel gate – Winterkorn: Volkswagen announces the resignation of

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