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Free Internet in the ICE – what exactly does that mean? – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Internet on the go will also be on track as a matter of course travel. The Deutsche Bahn is to equip so your ICE-fleet and offers for the new year, also in the second class, free W-Lan. Also cancel at the end of phone calls will be through new technology rare. Here are answers to the main questions:

How do I use the free Internet access in the ICE?

First of all, the passenger must select his or her Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop to the W-Lan of Deutsche Bahn. Is then called in a Browser a first web page, a note appears as to the terms and conditions of use. This must be accepted, then the connection.

what bandwidth can I surf in the ICE?

This depends on several factors. There are no network, also can manage the best technology, no Internet into the car’s interior. In addition, it depends on how many fellow travelers also use the Internet. There are actually several hundred passengers, possibly with multiple devices, reduces the bandwidth. It is to be divided among all of the Internet users as fair as possible.

what mobile service providers works together with the Deutsche Bahn?

so Far, the W-Lan offer was limited in the ICE on the Deutsche Telekom. A new technique allows the Deutsche Bahn, but now, on the networks of all three mobile providers – so, in addition, Vodafone and Telefónica. The gaps in supply are halved and Internet access to 85 percent of the long-distance transport is possible.

I Can surf in the second class unlimited?

Not quite. While the passengers in first class continue to be no Limit, and is limited to the volume of data in the second class to 200 megabytes – per day and per device. It doesn’t matter whether a traveler is sitting for an hour in a train or a long journey.

I Can stream movies via the W-Lan connection in the train?

In principle, Yes. But for high-traffic and could consume the volume of data quickly. The Deutsche Bahn offers, therefore, on the ICE Portal in the new year via the Online video library Maxdome 50 movies, series and documentaries for free. This includes blockbusters as well as documentaries, series and children’s films. This content is stored in the train – it is so does not require an Internet connection.

What happens if my data volume is used up?

Then the Deutsche Bahn throttles the transmission speed. So it may take longer with a website has built up. The reduced speed but are still far above the derated value of the Lufthansa of 128 kilobits per second. Users will not be initially possible, however, to control how much data volume remains for you.

Can I extend the range of my data volume free of charge?

This Option there is not. Also, the transmission speed is not apply to expand. The track is open but these options for 2017.

observing the user behavior, and evaluated?

This is not to be the case. The Deutsche Bahn has excluded in the contract with the Swedish supplier of the W-Lan technology, Icomera, that data may be used to display personalized advertisements.

Does the W-Lan on travel abroad?

This is supposed to be in the course of the new year on trips in the neighboring countries of the case – for example, traveling to Amsterdam, Paris or Vienna.

What Alternative remains for me to travel to the train W-Lan?

The Deutsche Bahn has equipped its long-haul fleet by the end of 2018, with the new mobile radio repeaters. They allow not only better Calls, but also Surf on the mobile service provider of the traveler. However, users should have the volume of data in the view.


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