Saturday, December 31, 2016

Significantly more than expected: the Federal Agency for work is … – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

thanks to the good situation on the labour market the Federal employment Agency in a good position financially because

The Federal employment Agency (BA) can fill up with an unexpectedly high billion Surplus in 2016, for a time of crisis, created a financial cushion. The Surplus for the financial year was 4.9 billion euros, said BA chief Frank-Jürgen Weise, the German press Agency. The Nuremberg-based Federal Agency had originally expected to only 1.8 billion euros.

The reserves, which in the past, among other things, short-time work programs have been funded in order to provide a buffer downturns of the company, thus increased to 10,96 billion euros. The Federal Agency that is financed with contributions of employers and employees, so that – unlike in previous decades – to continue without state subsidies. “The Figures show that we have a well-managed,” said way.

The high profit for the year is due, according to his information mainly to lower expenditure for unemployment benefits. This would have been in the past year to 1.4 billion euros under the Plan. The expenditure for short-time working allowances and other mandatory services as well as the cost for training of the unemployed, which can be down to 700 million euros lower. “The work of Agency employees took advantage of the good labor market, to bring a lot of people in work, without wage cost to the employer or measures for the vocational promotion of the unemployed have been necessary,” said the BA-in-chief.

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Additional financial leeway of the Federal Agency-Wise details of around 155 million euros increase in premium income. The one-time refund of a supply plant flushed 500 million euros in the Fund. With the amount of the BA wants to increase its pension Fund for future pensions of civil servants, self-shoulders, instead of the next Generation to burden.

Against this Background, looks way, therefore, the Federal Agency for possible difficult times well prepared. You can do a lot to prevent Jobkrisen. “But the difficult situation, the Federal employment Agency, the unemployment insurance would be willing to cope with such crises,” said BA Manager, go to the end of March. The Agency was “for the economy, for the state safe Bank. For us, it doesn’t need a parachute."


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