Thursday, December 22, 2016

Deutsche Bank: No agreement in the Bonus dispute – Handelsblatt

The former Deutsche Bank Manager Josef Ackermann

There is no mention of it at all, bonuses to repay," said Ackermann, the other day.

(photo: Reuters)

MunichThe talks between Deutsche Bank and its former top managers about the refund of the bonus payments are a magazine report says that Stalled. Supervisory Board chief Paul Achleitner for the time being failed with the attempt to reach an agreement with the former CEO Josef Ackermann and other former members of the Board, reported the news magazine “der Spiegel” on Thursday in advance. A round of Negotiations of the respective lawyers had been on Monday in vain. The Bank would not comment.

according to The report, it goes to at least 30 million euros. The only disagreement is the height of the comparison is not. The Manager apparently wanted to get also more assured that they were personally not to blame for scandals such as the Manipulation of the Libor interest rates, reported the “mirror”.

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According to the financial community, Deutsche Bank is still checking whether it can ask former members of the Board for misconduct in person to the cashier. A law firm check to, among other things, the employment contracts of the former Manager. It’s not just a question of whether frozen bonuses – typically paid out with a time delay should be retained, but also, if already paid, the money could be recovered. The Bank is aiming for a solution until the annual General meeting in may 2017.

Ackermann had rejected the request last: “It is not at all the question of bonuses to repay.” Instead, the aim is to make the so far not paid out in bonuses voluntarily in the Bank. He accused the Bank of, to put him publicly under pressure. He was, under certain circumstances, ready to make its contribution, but on claims formally, he’s not going to waive. Federal Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble had criticized him for this, sharp.


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