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Eon wants to stress, according to Teyssen Jobs in the management – Handelsblatt

jobs in administration

Eat as the group’s headquarters will be affected by the austerity measure.

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Berlin/Düsseldorfof The energy group Eon wants to reduce a large number of jobs in the administration. “Eon is decentralized. This means that, especially in the Central administrative Offices be abolished,” said Eon CEO Johannes Teyssen said of the “Rheinische Post” (Saturday edition), according to the preliminary report.

“Naturally is also eat as the group’s headquarters, where we currently have around 600 employees in Central functions.” Overall, Eon has in Essen 2000 employees. “We also check, where subsidiaries and Shared Service centers can be more efficient.”

The IPOs of the daughters of Eon and RWE

  • The energy revolution-wracked energy giant Eon and RWE, are driving their company tags. Eon has brought to the power plant daughter Uniper in September, the stock market, RWE brought the green energy business Innogy in October on the stock market.

  • The Eon subsidiary, Uniper has its headquarters in Düsseldorf, employs nearly 14,000 employees and achieved consolidated financial information in 2015 on a Pro Forma Basis, Ebit of EUR 0.8 billion and a net loss of around four billion euros. The Chef is the former Eon chief financial officer Klaus Schäfer.

    The RWE subsidiary Innogy, which has its headquarters in Essen, employs almost 40,000 people and generated mathematically according to the RWE data 2015 an operating profit (Ebitda) of 4.5 billion euros and a net profit of 1.6 billion euros. The company is led by RWE chief Peter Terium, has made after the IPO, the chief items of the parent group.

  • Uniper operates coal – and gas-fired power plants in Europe and Russia, with about 40 Gigawattt. Add water and nuclear power plants in Sweden, as well as energy trading.

    RWE Innogy bundles the business with green electricity, the electricity and gas networks as well as distribution of electricity and Gas.

  • Eon has brought in the course of a Spin-off 53 percent of the Uniper-shares listed on the stock exchange and their own shareholders to the Depot. Revenue of the group is not achieved initially. Eon wants to silver in the medium term, the rest of the shares, not before 2018.

    RWE and the new subsidiary, Innogy, initially produced 23 per cent of the shares in the stock market. Later, more shares could be sold, RWE wants to keep the majority.

  • Uniper and Innogy could already pay for 2016 a dividend. Uniper is from the beginning, under pressure. The group intends to sell up to 2018, investments in the value of at least two billion euros and the reduction of staff costs.

    Innogy expects stable business, since the largest part of the revenue, for example, for the operation of the electricity and Gas networks is regulated by the state. The company is targeting a dividend of 70 to 80 percent of adjusted net profit, which should be in 2016, in the order of € 1.1 billion.

The removal is carried out in the framework of the austerity program “Phoenix”, with the Eon 400 million euros to save. “After previous experiences, usually 50 percent of the savings be omitted if the efficiency programmes of this kind on staff, and 50 percent on equipment costs. So could it be in ‘Phoenix,’" said Teyssen. The extent of the job cuts will be straight determined.

On the question of whether he could be redundancies exclusive, said Teyssen: “As always in such cases, Eon tries to find socially acceptable solutions. We have agreed with the works Council. I am confident to find 2017 fair solutions, especially since our transfer company will continue to run."


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