Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Taxes | number of the self-display of tax evaders a break-in – IMAGE

Düsseldorf/Munich (dpa/lby) – The number of the self-view of tax evaders, has gone to Bayern. In the free state of 379 individuals self-reported themselves in the current year to the end of September, a spokeswoman for the Bavarian Ministry of Finance said. In the past year, in the whole of the year 1844 had displayed after three-quarters of 1712 people. The Ministry registered the self-indicator only on a quarterly basis.

A survey of the “Handelsblatt” (Tuesday) in the 16 countries Finance ministries had revealed that there is a trend nationwide. Therefore, only 4373 tax showed this year so far evaders themselves at the tax office. Last year there were 15 for 120 self-view, in 2014 there were around 40 000. One reason for the development of the since January 2015 tighter rules for tax are expected to be sinners.


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