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Tchibo increased prices: coffee is more expensive – THE WORLD

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coffee lovers could look forward to: In the summer of 2015, the prices have been lowered. But now you are re-raised

source: Reuters

Germany’s largest coffee roaster Tchibo is raising prices, starting in mid-January, customers will have to pay more. The price policy of the company is considered a trendsetter for the market.

Dit’s the largest German coffee roaster Tchibo increased to 16. January the prices by 30 to 50 cents per 500-gram pack. The best-selling variety of “Mild” will then, for example, 5,99 Euro per 500-gram pack costs instead of 5,69 Euro. The price increases to five per cent.

The company is the price increase justified on Tuesday with higher purchasing prices for raw coffee and the weaker Euro. Green coffee has become since the spring are significantly more expensive.

Of rates between 1.10 and $ 1.20 per pound (453 grams) increased the price temporarily to 1.70 dollars and has settled now in the range of 1.40 dollars. In addition, green coffee is traded in dollars, and the Euro has recently lost against the US currency.

Why the price policy of Tchibo is important

The price policy of Tchibo is setting the trend for the German market, because the group can set prices in its stores. The Same is true for Aldi Süd and Aldi Nord, which have their own coffee roasters and the prices of their own brands. Aldi Nord would not comment on Tuesday on a request to price developments.

For other providers such as Melitta Dallmayr takes over the retail trade, particularly Edeka and Rewe. Last Tchibo had lowered the prices in the summer of 2015 – for the first time after two years. At that time, the group had offered the pound of coffee 30 cents cheaper.

apart from that, the coffee prices are already since 2015 General upward trend. According to data from the Federal Statistical office

will lower as soon As the prices for raw coffee and the dollar exchange rate will allow it, Tchibo, sales prices, the company promises, which is Germany’s market leader in coffee.


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