Thursday, December 22, 2016

Uber breaks a Test with a robot car in San Francisco – MIRROR ONLINE

Without official permission, Uber had used cars in San Francisco. Now, the authority has not intervened.

the robot car of Uber in San Francisco


the robot car of Uber in San Francisco

To quarrel with the Californian transport authority, it had come last week, as Uber without official permission, a fleet of Autonomous driving cars for testing is sent. Now, in the office in a simple and efficient method used to get the 16 cars of the model Volvo XC90 of the road: the mark cancelled.

At the same time, authorities chief Jean Shiomoto in the night to Thursday, said, help Uber personally, to get accelerated permission for trips with robot cars. The authority could be issued within three days.

testing in San Francisco have been running longer

The responsible project Manager Anthony Levandowski, the lack of a permit was justified so far that, in the cars, always a member of staff at the control seats, the monitoring of the travel and, if necessary, intervene. The authority said, however, that the cars drive at times quite Autonomous and pointed out that 20 other companies such as Google, Mercedes, or the Chinese Internet company Baidu had procured such permits for your robot car.

Video: Autonomous Uber car is about to run red light

the authority, contrary to come, Uber is now under pressure to act: With the permission of the duty, accident situations, and Pay goes to shutdown, the robot cart-Software. Uber is not on the offer Shiomotos, the Start-up the impression of a lack of transparency.

Uber has already been tested since the late summer of robot car-trips with passengers on Board in the U.S. city of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), where the rules are different. The extension of testing on San Francisco had been known About on Wednesday of last week. The car had been already a month in the Californian city on the move, said Levandowski.


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