Monday, December 19, 2016

IMF stands behind Lagarde –

The Executive Board of the International monetary Fund has, after the guilty verdict against Christine Lagarde, behind-the-IMF-Boss. A Paris court had found negligence in the office for the guilty. A punishment you will receive.

in spite of the guilty verdict against the IMF Boss Christine Lagarde in Paris, the French, the “full faith” of the powerful world financial institution. This is the all 189 member States a comprehensive Executive Board of the International monetary Fund has said. In a statement he underlined that “the full confidence” in the ability of Lagarde’s, “their functions more effectively, to exercise”.

Lagarde does not want to contest the verdict

Lagarde had previously been in their home country because of a controversial million payment in her time as French Finance Minister, of negligence in the office found guilty. The court of justice of the Republic but did not play on a penalty against the 60-Year-old.

Lagarde announced at almost the same time to support the statement by the IMF Executive Council, that they would not appeal against the judgment. “That’s not the decision I hoped for, but you have to close the book at a certain Moment,” she said. In theory, you would have been able to before France’s Supreme court and the guilty verdict appeal.

Lagarde negligence

In of the affair it is a state compensation payment of more than 400 million euros to businessman Bernard Tapie in 2008. Lagarde, as at that time competent French Finance and economy Minister as a result of negligence, as they had not lodged an appeal against the decision of a private arbitration court in favour of Tapies, stated the judge. With their “negligence” Lagarde significantly contributed to the public funds had been misappropriated.

Paris speaks of confidence

investigators accused Lagarde, hasty and negligent to their duties violated. The court of justice of the Republic of the language now, but only in a point of negligence, guilty of: He was to have no appeal. The court suspended its judgment on the Prosecutor’s office, which had objected to a condemnation of the financial Manager.

Also, Lagarde’s lawyer, Patrick Maisonneuve disappointed. He left open the question of whether the IMF Chief is a right of appeal against the judgment and stressed that the guilty verdict of the special court will draw an entry into the French criminal record. Lagarde was while the Judgment is not present. You was previously left for Washington.

Also, the government in Paris, the former Finance Minister spoke of her confidence. The court’s decision relates to events which had occurred prior to taking office, Lagarde’s at the world monetary Fund in Washington, said economic and Finance Minister Michel Sapin, on behalf of the government. “Christiane Lagarde leads the mandate of the IMF with success, and the government trusts more in their ability to take their responsibilities,” wrote Sapin in his Statement.

No punishment – because she was busy

Lagarde heads the International monetary Fund since 2011. She had protested in the process in the last week, she was innocent and had acted in good faith. She was from 2007 to 2011, under President Nicolas Sarkozy, French Minister of economic Affairs.

In the process threatened to have a maximum of up to a year in prison and 15,000 Euro fine. The court of justice of the Republic explained its decision to waive a penalty, with the “international Reputation” Lagarde’s and the fact that they had to struggle in 2007 and 2008, as the Minister, with the international financial and economic crisis – that she was so busy with other issues.

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