Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Map service Here: BMW, Daimler and Audi to get investors from Asia on Board – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

The map service Nokia once belonged to.

The three automakers BMW, Daimler and Audi have found in your map service Here, Asian investors. A total of ten per cent, of the former Nokia subsidiary, to go to the Chinese map provider, Navinfo, a Chinese Internet group Tencent, as well as the sovereign wealth funds GIC of Singapore, as the company informed on Tuesday at the European headquarters Here in Eindhoven. Together with Navinfo, the Chinese market will be rolled up. Financial Details were not called.

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The three German car companies had bought Here last year for around 2.6 billion euros, the Telecom equipment manufacturer Nokia to develop its own platform for location based services and accurate maps for future self-driving vehicles. It is a for current conditions unusual cooperation of competing manufacturers. The three car manufacturers have always stressed that they want to operate Here as an open platform, and new partners.


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