Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Consumer protection: the vegan Currywurst – TIME ONLINE

Federal agricultural Minister Christian Schmidt wants to ban meat names to vegetarian and vegan food in the future. Terms like “vegetarian Schnitzel” or “vegan sausage” were “completely misleading and confusing consumers,” Schmidt said of the imagenewspaper. “I am sure that you will be banned in the sense of a clear consumer labelling.”

no one is allowed to do “in this Pseudo-meat dishes, so, as if it were meat”, the CSU Minister. Manufacturers should find their own name for their herbal products. Also the CDU in the important agricultural state of lower Saxony calls for the meat replacement products may not be as “sausages”, “chips” or “meatball” sold.

Schmidt had argued for clear labelling of the ingredients of so-called Veggie-products – according to the Motto “What is it, must also be inside”. Who eat consciously vegetarian or vegan, you should be able to reliably from a wide range of food to select. A clear labelling of these products was important, the Minister said in October.

Already in June he had demanded in a letter to Vytenis Andriukaitis, EU Commissioner for health and food safety, clear labelling of vegetarian and vegan products.


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