Tuesday, December 20, 2016

VW exhaust scandal: Volkswagen reaches agreement with US authorities – SPIEGEL ONLINE

New calls for “diesel gate”comparison: After months of struggle, with the US authorities, Volkswagen has found a compromise for the diesel scandal affected cars with larger engines. VW have agreed to repurchase for approximately 20,000 3.0-Liter vehicles with illegal exhaust technology, said of judge Charles Breyer at a hearing on Tuesday in San Francisco.

For the rest of the cars in the group should initially receive the Chance of a recall action. The technical re-equipment should fail, would have bought this car. Also with the lawyers of the affected customers was achieved, according to Breyer, an agreement in essential aspects. The judge spoke of the “substantial compensation” for the diesel owner. Details should be announced at a further hearing on Thursday.

Breyer had asked Volkswagen to a hard test of patience. He had postponed a decision on the manipulations affected a total of 80,000 diesel cars in the group with 3.0-Liter engines, which were developed by the VW subsidiary, Audi, again and again. VW had to find an agreement with the plaintiffs, so that the group here is a comparison succeeds.

most Expensive settlement in the history of the automobile

Previously, the company had already achieved for the diesel models with 2.0-litre engines, with nearly 480.000 cars for the largest share of rigged cars, a comparison. He was expensive for VW. Around 15 billion Euro, the agreement with the authorities and Damaged Volkswagen costs – it is the most expensive comparison in the automotive history.

the Manipulation of The larger engines in the Audi was later blown. Previously, Audi boss Rupert Stadler had denied this. Now, the VW must ensure a buying group for a modification of the models or a refund. Last week, judge Breyer had not agreed to the proposal of the parties to the dispute in this matter, and the theme for the VW to the suspended game.

The 3.0-Liter engines are installed in Audi’s luxury models, as well as in all-terrain vehicles such as the Porsche Cayenne and VW Touareg. The conversion of these cars is from the point of view of experts is significantly more complex than in the case of the smaller engines. Audi had since applied a different Manipulation.

VW CEO Matthias Mueller wants to tick off the diesel scandal quickly, and Europe’s largest car company again on other topics of focus. The restructuring of the group is a tremendous piece of work that he has undertaken. He plans a strategy to pivot towards electric cars, new mobile services and digital innovations.

At the same time, the car group in Europe in the criticism, because it for European customers manipulated diesel cars offer only a conversion, but no damages. Lawyers of the affected customers also call for guarantees of subsequent performance limitations or a loss of value of the affected vehicles, if they have been rebuilt or a software update. Such guarantees VW rejects.

Meanwhile, VW CEO Müller goes public at a distance to his predecessors, Martin Winterkorn and Ferdinand Piëch. He threw them to the defect view. Both would have made in the past two decades, a lot of things right. “But you are, ultimately, too little in the future, they were very present,” said Miller of “time”. “We have always tried to convince Mr winter grain, that he must submit tasks and that we need to take care of the major issues of electro-mobility and digitization are determined.”


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