Monday, December 19, 2016

Processes: IMF Head Lagarde in court: guilty, but no punishment – TIME ONLINE

Paris/Washington (Reuters) – The IMF has issued its Boss Christine Lagarde also according to the judgment of the Paris special court of the trust. The IMF Executive Board said in the evening in Washington.

Lagarde had previously been found guilty in her time as French Finance Minister, negligence in office, traded. The IMF stated that it had considered all the relevant factors into account, including the outstanding leadership of the IMF Lagarde and the global trust, the enjoy this guide. “In this regard, the Board renewed the unlimited trust in the abilities of his Director, your duties effectively.” In relation to the difficult challenges of the global economy to look forward to the further cooperation with Confidence, it said.

The court of justice of the Republic of the 60-Year-old had spoken on Monday, guilty, fined, but no penalty. The charge in the process was that Lagarde had decided in a highly complex dispute negligent and, therefore, a misappropriation of public funds. You had to have to the best of our knowledge, traded.

The Paris-based judgment was made according to the commentators Lagarde’s credibility in question. According to earlier information from the IMF circles, but there is no requirement to Lagarde, in the case of a conviction is mandatory, your office would have to give up.

The court set aside the Prosecutor’s office, which had argued for acquittal. Lagarde did not hear the ruling; she was already in Washington, said her attorney, Patrick Maisonneuve.

In the heart of the process of the affair to the dazzling Ex-Minister and businessman Bernard Tapie. Lagarde agreed to in 2007, to arbitration, to a lengthy legal dispute with Tapie to settle. As, the Arbitrators awarded to the contractor a large sum of money-more than 400 million euros, renounced Lagarde on an appeal. In essence, what the court labelled Lagarde, to have this appeal not to be filed.

France’s government Lagarde said, according to the judgment of your trust. “Christiane Lagarde leads the mandate of the IMF with success, and the government trusts more in her (Lagarde’s) ability to take their responsibilities,” said economic and Finance Minister Michel Sapin. The special court expressly referred to the international Reputation of Lagarde’s; this, too, was a reason to waive a penalty.

“I’m pretty disappointed,” said attorney Maisonneuve. He left it open as to whether Lagarde will appeal. “We will check the conditions.” The guilty verdict will not attract entry into the French criminal record.

Lagarde heads the international monetary Fund since 2011, and thus belongs to the small circle of the most powerful women in the world. She had protested in the process in the last week, she was innocent and had acted in good faith. She was from 2007 to 2011, under President Nicolas Sarkozy, French Minister of economic Affairs. In the process, 000 Euro fine to a maximum of up to one year of imprisonment and 15.

The court of justice of the Republic meets extremely seldom. He is there for Offense to French members of the government in the framework of their duties, be responsible. The special court was created in 1993; the case against Lagarde was only the fifth process. On the bench twelve parliamentarians sat next to three professional judges.

The arbitration proceedings in a dispute to Tapie ultimately proved to be a poor solution. Meanwhile, the fraud investigation against several Parties to run, because it will have given Connections between Tapie and the arbitration people. The arbitral award has been revoked already by the courts. Tapie (73) was convicted in addition, the compensation of about 400 million to repay. Named after him, the affair is considered to be not yet completed.


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