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Only a few people will inform the state about their Swiss black money. In spite of the Panama Papers of the Boom of the self-view is over.

burglars and other Criminals dreaming of this rule. But it applies only to tax evaders: any person Who reports voluntarily to the tax office itself, criminal. Tens of thousands of tax evaders have made this exception in the last few years of 2016, however, relatively few. More than 4000 self-display were received in the Finance Department, report to the competent land ministries of Finance of the Handelsblatt. Unfortunately, there are no official nationwide statistics, so there is the end of the year regular surveys among the countries. The Figures are therefore not comparable, but the Trend is clear: in 2015, there were still about 15 000 of self-display, in 2013 there were even more than 24 000.

as low as 2016, the number of self-view was last updated in 2011. At first glance, it is surprising that it is now the number of self-display back – after all, the Panama have been unveiled this year’s Papers, the largest data leak in the world of tax havens. But there are good reasons for this phenomenon.

star economist Stiglitz attacked Europe

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According to the 2011 self-view for a lot of accountants a good deal. The media reports on purchased tax-CDs, about data leaks in tax havens such as Offshore Leaks and cases such as Uli Hoeness many to scare evaders. In addition, the stricter the policy, step-by-step the tax laws. The pressure to be discovered, grew so steadily and so the incentive to self-report. Because this tax posed evaders really criminal free, you have come to the tax investigators previously.

However, since January 2015, stricter rules for self-display (PDF). Tax evaders will now have to put their business in the last ten years open. Previously the limit was five years. The evaded amount is usually much higher and thus the penalty. In addition, offenders must pay a total of more. An example: Who has moved 1.2 million euros in taxes, had to in addition to this sum, and to pay the interest earlier, only 60 000 euros penalty. Now 240 000 Euro will be due. Who was clever, and has indicated so previously.

The citizen must disclose the Further in the future in the tax return, if you do business with shell companies. The has decided to the Federal government (PDF).

International agreements also make it easier to catch tax evaders in foreign countries. Notorious tax havens such as Gibraltar and the British virgin have remote said Islands, to report in 2017, automatically all of the account data of German Bank clients to the local tax offices. Even Switzerland, the once most popular tax haven of the Germans, has been adopted by the Bank secret. By 2018, Switzerland account data sent to Germany. The financial offices need to have any suspicion, you can get the information directly on the Desk. If you have not displayed yourself, get into trouble. In addition, Swiss banks are pushing for a Long time already your customers, to prove that the account is not a black money. Who can not prove that the termination of the contract.

Or have shown to the far abroad

Since 2010, a total of about 130 000 tax evaders. Another explanation for the decline in self-view might also be that not so much black money in tax havens is hidden. How high the number of unreported cases is still, no one knows. The Finance Minister of Schleswig-Holstein is optimistic: “It seems so, as I found by the persistently high risk of Detection, the money from the Swiss vaults and mail boxes in Panama, the long way in the schleswig-Holstein tax cash back”, said Monika Heinold (Green) the Handelsblatt.

of Course, another explanation is conceivable. Who doesn’t want to show himself, has hidden his money better. With enough criminal energy, new methods to move money. The Offshore structures have to be elaborate. No matter whether or even display so that: tax evasion is always more expensive.

How to Schäuble, tax the sinner fight

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