Friday, December 30, 2016

Oversized packaging annoy consumers – Northern courier

An x-ray test brings it on the day. A number of food and cosmetics packs contain, in addition to the goods, especially a lot of, a lot of air. Consumer advocates are calling for stricter rules for the packaging design.

The consumer of Hamburg has made this month again, what would you do as a consumer when shopping sometimes. It has a well-sealed food and cosmetics packs with an x-ray device. The result was sobering: The packages of the sample – whether it’s cereal, rice or day-care-cream – contained, according to the consumer advocates, on average, 40 percent of the air.

“Many people feel that as a deception, maybe even fraud,” said the chief of the consumer Bundesverband (vzbv), Klaus Müller, on such inflated packs. “You pay for something you get later in the Form.” This broth is a permanent nuisance, for example when buying coffee, powdered drinks, desserts, Breakfast cereals, or Instant. The consumer calls for stricter rules against too much air in food packages.

wrapping mesh is for two reasons annoying

The consumer of Hamburg has been working for years with the issue. Last through it shone in the beginning of December, 15 products, about which consumers had complained – Breakfast cereals with a measured Air content of 49 percent in the packaging, eye-care cream with an Air content of 68 percent. And it lists on their Online site Tricks, with which the industry works – of sight Windows in the packaging, just below the filling limit of up to twice the floors and jars with remarkably thick walls in the case of cosmetics products.

For the consumer advocates, the issue is for two reasons annoying. The consumer would be duped and the environment suffer. “By air packaging resources will be wasted”, they complain. Also for the transportation of the products more space and thus more fuel would be needed.


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