Thursday, December 22, 2016

Foundation German language is now boycotting VW-share THE WORLD

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in Protest against the planned introduction of English as the corporate language in the case of VW has sold, the Foundation of German language for your 200 Volkswagen shares.

source: dpa/epa

Volkswagen has been punished for the introduction of English as a corporate language. In Protest, the Foundation of the German language has sold all the shares, because it was “without hesitation” and “harmful”.

Die with the German language Association-related Foundation, the German language separates because of the English Offensive of the Volkswagen group of its shares in the carmaker.

“to Protest against the planned introduction of English as a corporate language” have sold, the Foundation of all your VW shares, informed the club on Thursday. “The words Volkswagen and the German language no longer fit, unfortunately,” lamented the spokesman of the Board of the Foundation, Walter Krämer. “I am appalled at how safely our elites to give up their own language and culture,” said Board spokesman Walter Krämer on Thursday to a message.

VW had announced last week that English will be the language of the group. This should

foreign language for operating procedures “harmful”

The idea of using English as a corporate language is easier for managers from other countries win, “illusory”, said Krämer.

International managers were easily able to learn the language of the host country. For the “internal operations”, in turn, a foreign language is even “harmful”.

The Foundation to handle at the same time, the state of lower Saxony as a Volkswagen, a major shareholder. It did not prevent “the escape of the largest employer in the country from the language of the country”.

The Foundation had purchased the 200 shares short in the exhaust gas scandal for 100 Euro and on Wednesday for the 137 sold. This results in a profit of 7400 euros. Now they wanted to wait until the next stock market crash, and then re-invest, said Krämer – however, not in Volkswagen’s papers.

The German language Association awards, among other things, the negative price, “said contaminating feed of the year”. In 2016, the ZDF has a Voice because of the use of English words in show titles to the latest “contaminating feed”.


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