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Agreement in the United States for 3-litre-Diesel: VW compromise with the U.S. plaintiffs – automotive week

VW had agreed to repurchase for approximately 20,000 of the total of about 80,000 3.0-Liter vehicles with illegal exhaust technology, said of judge Charles Breyer at a hearing on Tuesday in San Francisco. In the rest of the cars in the group should initially receive the Chance of a recall action. The conversion should fail, would have bought this car.

The settlement relates to larger diesel cars from the VW group – it’s expensive thick vessels such as the Porsche Cayenne and VW Touareg, but especially to many of Audi’s luxury models. Repurchases must be offered for older vehicles of model years 2009 to 2012, here is a conversion is considered to be already hopeless. With the newer models, VW hopes to be able to the forbidden emission Software, in the context of a recall action to eliminate, which would save a lot of money. In addition to the back of the

Also with the lawyers of the affected customers was achieved, according to Breyer, an agreement in essential aspects. The judge spoke of the “substantial compensation” for the diesel owner. Details should be announced at a further hearing on Thursday.

The automotive suppliers, Bosch is accused of fraud in the United States because of involvement in the Exhaust gas, has agreed according to the judge, also on an in-principle agreement with the U.S. plaintiffs. Details on this Breyer called for the time being.

“Important step forward”

The agreement with the US authorities, the VW-group: “today, The court announced agreement between Volkswagen and the environmental authorities in connection with a 3.0 l TDI vehicles in the United States is another important step forward on our path, to bring things for our customers.”

Volkswagen have made an agreement with the court-appointed steering Committee of the plaintiffs (Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee, PSC) on the key aspects of the monetary compensation, the legitimate owner, and the lessee would receive.

“The appropriate parties will work to resolve the remaining issues,” according to the official Statement of the group. “We are committed to ensuring the trust of all our stakeholders to regain and know the patience of our customers and dealers in the United States to appreciate in the further course of the proceedings,” said a spokesman.

The court for Thursday, the 22. December set to 20.00 clock middle European time a further status conference to report to the parties on the progress in the direction of a solution.

In Detail, has agreed to VW the Following:

  • A recall of around 63,000 affected 3.0 l TDI V6 vehicles of model years 2013 to 2016, the brands Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche, which are equipped with so-called Generation 2 engines. In the Wake of the recall, they will be taken in accordance with exactly the emission standards, according to which they were originally certified. The prerequisite for this is that EPA and CARB will not issue approval for corresponding measures. Volkswagen should be able to this requirement is not meet, is buying the company for the respective vehicles to a refund or a termination of the leasing offer. In addition, Volkswagen may request in this case, EPA and CARB approval for the technical adjustments, to provide customers with a significant reduction in nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions.
  • A buy-back or an early termination of the leasing of approximately 20,000 affected 3.0 l TDI V6 vehicles of model years 2009-2012 Volkswagen and Audi brands, which are equipped with so-called Generation 1 engines. Alternatively, if EPA and CARB approved, can be reduced the NOx emissions for these vehicles, also by means of technical adjustments substantially, so that eligible owners and lessees also have the option to keep your vehicle.
  • The payment of 225 million US dollars as contribution to the Fund for environmental compensation measures that will be set up in the framework of the Volkswagen in the United States closed 2.0-l-TDI-comparison, over the entire life span of the affected 3.0 l TDI V6 vehicles caused the excess to offset nitrogen oxide emissions completely.
  • As part of the agreement with California to support Volkswagen with a payment of $ 25 million to CARB the use of Zero-Emission vehicles in the state.

The provisions of the envisaged agreement will only gain in conclusion, validity, after you have been approved by the court. This is at the earliest in the spring of 2017. For affected customers with a 3.0 l TDI V6 engines for the moment there is no need to be active. (dpa/ree)

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