Friday, December 23, 2016

Comparison with U.S. Department of justice: Deutsche Bank settles US Mortgage settlement – Handelsblatt

Deutsche Bank

The negotiating poker for a comparison, the US authorities started with a claim of $ 14 billion. The share of Germany’s largest money house need to an all-time low of under ten euros. Meanwhile, the price recovers again.

(photo: AP)

FrankfurtThe shock was great when, in September, transpired that the US authorities had opened in a mortgage dispute with Deutsche Bank the negotiation of poker to a comparison with a demand of 14 billion dollars. The share price collapsed to an all-time low of under ten euros. At the time, Germany’s largest money house was in the stock market is only 18 billion euros in value. In the meantime, the exchange rate has recovered again. The stock went down on Thursday night at 17,72 euros from the trade. On Friday morning, significant gains are, however. Pre-market the paper of the Bank has already recorded about three percent in the Plus. Because the night…


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