Thursday, December 22, 2016

Ikea to compensate families of the chests of drawers slain children – MIRROR ONLINE

Ikea pays 50 million dollars in compensation to three families in the USA whose children were due to fallen chests of drawers lost their lives. Previously, the piece of furniture and similar models were recalled.

Demonstration of the U.S. product safety authority


hazards Demonstration by the U.S. product safety authority

After the death of several young children from the overturned chest of drawers in the US, the Swedish furniture manufacturer Ikea and the lawyers for the parents have to reach an agreement. The Ikea group said on Thursday, without mentioning further Details. The agreement had not yet been confirmed by a court, “and it would be inappropriate for us at this time, a comment”, it was at Ikea.

The comparison was also given by the law office of Feldman Shepherd well trained Tanner Weinstock & Dodig known, that the plaintiff took. The victims ‘ lawyers, according to Ikea will pay $ 50 million to the three affected families. All sides had agreed after two days of mediation, said the Philadelphia-based law firm. Ikea will also pay $ 250,000 to children’s hospitals and children’s aid groups.

During the negotiations, there were three accidents with drawer chests of drawers of the type “Malm”. Two small children had died in the year 2014, as a Six – or Three-drawers-chests of drawers tipped and you are overwhelmed or suffocated. A similar case has happened once again this year. Ikea had called back in the summer in North America, a total of almost 36 million, dressers and other similar furniture.

a message had mentioned Ikea in the beginning of November a fourth case of death in connection with the Malm chests of drawers, in 2011, occurred. The furniture manufacturer had pointed out that the chests must be secured according to the instructions on the wall, and in the summer of last year, free of charge, a kit for wall mounting.

In the United States dies according to the U.S. Agency for product security every two weeks a child because a piece of furniture or TV tip over. Every 24 minutes will hurt a child in such an accident.


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