Friday, December 23, 2016

The Dow has not reached the 20,000: the Dax is a little easier in the day NEWS

Friday, 23. December 2016

silent night at the Frankfurt stock exchange: It is for a new high for the year for the Dax. At the end of the benchmark index, but with a little Minus in the Christmas holidays. For some exercise, the shares of VW and Deutsche Bank.


Without the big price jumps of the German stock market passed in the Christmas holidays. The Dax exceeded right from the beginning of the old year high very briefly, then came back again. At the end of the Dax closed 0.1 percent lower on 11.450 points. Is traded after the holidays until next Tuesday.

Of course the Deutsche Bank rose 0.3 percent, following higher price increases at the start of trading. The German number one has risen against payment of 7.2 billion dollars in their dispute over bad mortgages with the US authorities. So the cow was “at last from the ice,” it said in the trade. Had very early been a dispute, a penalty of up to 14 billion dollars in space, the last of which had been expected in the market, but with an agreement in the range of $ 7 billion. The Deutsche Bank is now forecasting a charge in the fourth quarter, from 1.17 billion dollars, which is below the consensus estimate of $ 1.7 billion. Morgan Stanley feared here, even $ 2.3 billion.

“Deutsche Bank has received from the United States, no early Christmas gift for 7.2 billion are a painful punishment, even if the origin of the claim was at the double,” commented Daniel Saurenz of Feingold Research. However, a part of the uncertainty from the company, the affected soft. It came with a dark blue eye.

“The facilities of 4.1 billion dollars for the US consumer to be spread over 5 years, and more of what should be acceptable, and the hardness softens,” adds Saurenz. As a result, Deutsche Bank may need in the short term, no capital increase, and this is important for investors, so the stock climbs.

The MDax could mark the meanwhile, thanks to its light, spreads a new all-time high at 22.118 points. At the end of the improved in addition to values-Index is still up by 0.2 percent to 22.089 points. The TecDax rose 0.5 percent to 1788 meters. For the Euro Stoxx 50 was 0.1 percent up on 3273 points.

relief is based in Italy banks

The Banca Monte dei Paschi meanwhile, as expected, failed with their attempts, 5 billion Euro capital raise, and now stands in front of a rescue by the state. The shares were suspended the whole day of trading. The exchange of debt into equity will not be the case for the public good, now, jump up the state, it said. Italy’s government has put in place quickly a rescue package waved through, and the conformity with the EU agreements, however, is controversial.

“is The criticism of behaviour. Everyone knows that the Anti-EU sentiment in Italy is, by far, the most pronounced of all the EU member States,” commented a trader. Therefore, further rescue may be a surprise package for the ailing banking sector, nor on political resistance given the fragile state of the EU. The banking sector overall in Europe declined by 0.6 percent.

Dax: VW, despite a comparison with the tees

top Lufthansa with a premium of 1.5 percent. the Deutsche Bank were at a premium of 0.3 percent at the end of in the upper middle of the pack.

In the view were Volkswagen. In the scandal surrounding manipulated exhaust gas values, the company has negotiated, in the United States, although a further comparison with the private plaintiffs – and in this he relates to drivers of diesel vehicles with Three-litre engines. The competent EU Commissioner for justice and consumer protection questions, Vera Jourova, said but with a view to compensation in the USA: “I miss but still an Extra Bonus or a voluntary compensation for European customers.” In addition, the office of the US attorney Michael home field has announced, on 3. January is a pattern-action lawsuit against VW to be submitted. The firm bundles the claims of around 100,000 VW-Damaged. The VW shares lost 0.9 percent.

the MDax, K+S after success in court

shares of K+S reacted positively to the court’s approval of a continuation of the injection of saline waste water from potash production at the Werra plant. K+S is now allowed to sink for five years, an average of 1.5 million cubic meters. Thus, the government’s Bureau remained under the company-proposed injection volume of 2 million. Basically, the verdict was positive, because an end to of the woodwork would have to be dangerous to the production of the site, it was called in the trade. K+S rose by 1.8 per cent.

United States: Dow occurs in front of a 20,000-point mark on the spot

Shortly before Christmas eve, investors hold back on the US stock market. “The high expectations of a Christmas rally that could lift the Dow Jones to the gold mark of 20,000 points, might attract risk-hungry investors again,” says Analyst Lukman Otunuga from the financial house FXTM.

The default value of the index Dow Jones occurs when 19.904 points on the body and remains within striking distance of the never reached the 20,000 mark. The breadth of S&P 500 and the technology Index Nasdaq note also little changed.

among the losers are the papers of the armor group, Lockheed Martin, the fall of 0.6 per cent. The future US President Donald Trump had referred to the cost of the fighter plane, the T-35 via Twitter, as own information to a competitor, Boeing requested a quote for the model F-18 Super Hornet. Boeing shares rise 0.1 percent.

Asia: in China, Tokyo closed

The Asian stock markets tended to be on the last day of trading before Christmas a little easier. “The Christmas is approaching with big steps,” it said of the Hue Lu, system expert at BNP Paribas Investment Partners. The investors guide your risk down because they are loved no Surprises. With the weaker rates of Asia follows the template of Wall Street, the major indices were all in the red range from the trade.

The Shanghai Composite Index lost 0.9 percent to 3110 points and thus recorded the biggest daily minus for about two weeks. In Hong Kong the Hang Seng Index fell 0.2 percent. The stock market in Tokyo remained due to the holiday “Emperor’s birthday” for the week end to be closed.

The withdrawal of capital in China. Also the end of the week, the bonds are under pressure, interest rates will rise. This is poison for the overheated real estate market in the mega cities of China. Accordingly, the investors behaved towards real estate shares, more careful. So CK Property lost 1.8 percent, and the share of Hang Lung Property fell 1.1 percent.

raw materials: Oil prices mixed

Oil prices were in the late afternoon uneven. A Barrel (159 litres) of North sea locations Brent for delivery in February cost 55,07 US Dollar. They were two cents more than on Thursday. The price for a barrel of the US variety, West Texas Intermediate (WTI) for delivery in February fell slightly by eight cents to 52,87 dollars.

More about

The Oil market is currently being observed with voltage, whether the oil cartel Opec and other oil producing countries will implement their agreed production cuts, actually. In this environment, the game room home for price declines is limited, said Ric Spooner, an expert at the financial services provider, CMC Markets. “Looking ahead, the market will keep to refer to any actual cuts in production on the look-out.” In addition, the production in the USA will keep in view.

Forex: the Euro almost unchanged

Of course the Euro has barely moved from the spot. In the late afternoon, the community currency cost 1,0450 US dollars and about as much as in the Morning. Strong price movements did not exist prior to the holidays.

Before the Christmas weekend kept the exchange rate fluctuations only between the Euro and the Dollar. Also other important currency pairs fact, not very much. This was partly due to the fact that many in the market have adopted the participants in the holiday. While it can come therefore also to greater price movements, because individual transactions are more weight. A more likely carrier of trading, the most common result.




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