Thursday, December 22, 2016

“I think that’s right”: Schröder praises Trumps economic plans – NEWS

Thursday, 22. December 2016

Of his political ideas Donald Trump can convince a rule, only passionate followers. But the Old Chancellor Schroeder may be said to have his plans a little. He sees opportunities for the SPD, Germany and the EU.

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The former German Chancellor, Gerhard Schroeder, has praised the planned economic policy of the future US President Donald Trump. To say “I’ll take care of the nuclei of the industry, I think that’s right,” said Schroeder of the “economic week”. This is the task of politics, especially in a country like Germany.

Trump is planning more industry to create jobs in the United States. Also, the SPD should seek to further called Schröder. Not a few SPD voters were the slogans of the AfD-prone. “The need to reach out to the SPD.” The issue of jobs is suitable for this. “Each industrial site provides not only suppliers, but also a variety of service providers work,” said Schroeder.

Critical Schröder regarded the actions of the US against VW. He thinks it makes policy. There was a need to weaken a competitor of the U.S. car maker and to protect its own economy, said the Old Chancellor. “As an environmentally conscious Americans are otherwise.”

Should take Trump is actually a course of confrontation with China, see Schroeder new opportunities for the EU. Then Germany and Europe, could expand trade with the people’s Republic, said Schroeder. “This is just in the environment, technology is a great opportunity, because China has an enormous pent-up demand.”




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