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Industry hopes that the TTIP Comeback with Trump – THE WORLD

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Berlin – German industry does not want to bury the dream of a European-American free-trade agreement TTIP.

With a view to the taking office of US President, Donald Trump, wants to restrict the freedom of world trade, said industry President Ulrich Grillo, the German press Agency: “I bet that there will be a new edition – with Trump.” The billionaire will also notice in his new role as head of state, that a more intense trade with Europe make use of all of North America and the jobs it would create.

The EU Commission is negotiated since 2013, with the United States on the agreement. Thus, trade should be barriers such as tariffs eliminated, and it should be the largest free trade zone in the world. After Trumps electoral victory, the TTIP (“transatlantic trade and investment partnership”) on ice. In Europe, there are massive protests because of environmental and consumer advocates fear that the high EU Standards could be watered down.

“America is not self-sufficient,” said Grillo. US companies had to rely on German engineering technology and intermediate products from other European markets. Trumps slogan “Make America Great Again” will definitely fold with a foreclosure. “Therefore, I am optimistic that Trump brings in the short or long-TTIP out of the drawer. The EU Commission needs to keep their channels of dialogue at TTIP definitely open,” stressed Grillo, the year the post of CEO of the industry Association BDI to Dieter Kempf.

Trump takes office as US President on 20. January. In the election campaign, he had fulminated against the free trade agreement. Trump wants to protect according to earlier statements of the US economy with high import duties against foreign competition. With a large public infrastructure programme for growth and Jobs in the United States to boost. Under President Barack Obama it wasn’t succeeded Washington and the EU, despite years of talks, a TTIP agreement.

Grillo said, Trump is behaving unpredictable. “The unsettled economy.” Trump could not govern a country like the United States, with Twitter, and phone calls. “I trust the American System of Checks and Balances, in which each President is involved and clever, must act.”

the outlet Also, the lack of clarity about the EU-the UK’s burden on German companies. “The current uncertainty is poison for the economy.” He don’t believe in a discussion of a “hard” or “soft” Brexit,” said Grillo. “To keep Europe together and to strengthen for me in the first place, in negotiating an exit.”

Despite the global risks attributed to the economy with the continuation of the moderate recovery in Germany. “But this recovery is anything but sustainable,” said a top industry lobbyist. Historically low interest rates, cheap Oil and the weak Euro compared to the U.S. Dollar would have looked like a free economic stimulus programs.

to the credit of the policy, the stable position is not: “The Grand coalition has fallen far below its potential. Union and the SPD have to be redistributed much and done too little to make a weather-proof for stormy times”, criticized Grillo. The policy must dare for more economy and globalisation, hostile mood set up an innovative economic and tax policy. “The record surpluses of the Federal government, the länder and the municipalities to give plenty of room to invest more in the future.” The money needs to be spent in transport, energy, education and Digital.

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