Saturday, December 24, 2016

Number of passengers rises by 40 per cent: Deutsche Bahn travel record – NEWS

Saturday, 24. December 2016

A day before Christmas eve, more than a half million people ride the trains of the Deutsche Bahn – and give the company the strongest day in history. Also for hundreds of employees, the trip shaft has consequences.

were On the Rail to the Feast: More than half a Million people on Friday with the ICE and IC trains of the Deutsche Bahn on the road and made a record. It was the strongest day in the history of the company, told the Deutsche Bahn in Berlin.

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The number of passengers was, therefore, 40 percent above the average. Many Hundreds of employees would be omitted because of the expected trip shaft on the Friday before the Festival on holiday and it is also to be cancelled.

For the return trip, the train is recommended, to reserve a place and to take a look in the information systems. Particularly strong demand, trains are identified by a note.




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