Thursday, December 22, 2016

Air Force One: Boeing Donald Trump lower price – MIRROR ONLINE promises

Due to the high cost of the future US President, Trump had threatened to cancel the contract for the construction of Air Force One at Boeing. But now the aircraft are a farmer and want to cheaper to build.

after the election of men to office, you can capture the designated US President Donald Trump’s first success: After he threatened on Twitter to cancel the contract for the new presidential plane, manufacturer Boeing is now promising a better price.

As a reaction to the first offer of the aircraft manufacturer tweeted Trump recently said: “Boeing is a brand, builds new 747 Air Force One for future presidents, but the costs are out of control, more than four billion dollars. – Cancel the order!”

Now, set Trump, and Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg personally. After the Meeting in Florida Muilenburg announced: “We will do it for less.” He gave Trump his word.

The Pentagon had contracted to Boeing in January with the construction of the new Air Force One. The new Jumbo jets of the type 747-8 to replace the aging 747 jet, flying since the early 1990s, the President of the world.

The Airbus-rival Boeing had initially received only at the beginning of the contract. Thus, a Plan should be developed that shows how the two machines on time, within budget with all requirements. The US government had given the financial framework of the programme for the development and construction of the new machines with up to three billion dollars. The so far agreed with the government of the contract value for the planning of the new Air Force One Boeing gives $ 170 million (159 million euros).

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