Monday, December 26, 2016

Rents are also rising in 2017, further – lack of Housing in Metropolitan areas – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

For rent or to own a property must take a lot of people in the coming year, once again deeper into the pocket. “We assume that the price spiral,” said the Director of the German Mieterbunds, Luke siebenkotten. This was especially true for large cities, Metropolitan areas and University cities. Also, since 2010, ongoing increase in the price of residential real estate is in the opinion of experts. Here’s a lot going on in the meantime, even in the country.

“There are signs that it has been in rural areas, the last light of the price increases,” said Peter Ache, head office, head of the working group of the the Top of the expert committees, the German press Agency. The official committees to gain their insights from the purchase contracts. In total, the investment volume this year has risen, according to provisional data, said Ache.

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Rents Also rose in cities after a move to seven to eight percent of the tenants ‘ Association. The existing rents rose accordingly, although not quite as strong, but still noticeable. “There is no indication that Rents in 2017 will rise less strongly,” said Siebenkotten.

“We need to have new parts of the city”

In rural areas, the market was stable. This is due to the Siebenkotten, especially on low demand: Young people prefer to remain in the large cities, in contrast to the past, you were there, but they are rarely used again – in part because fewer families would be established.

“The housing situation in the Metropolitan areas will be tense”, forecasting the housing companies. In spite of increasing building permits not currently held once “the Status quo of the housing shortage,” criticized the President of the industry Association GdW, Axel Gedaschko.

were missing Meanwhile in Germany, with 850,000 homes. Easy to build higher and denser is not rich. “We need to have new parts of the city, and at the same time, compaction in the existing” demanded Gedaschko. Tenants and housing associations are in favour of land with the rental bond is cheaper to deliver and to pay residential projects with durable low-Rent government grants.

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For construction companies, the development is expected to be over years of good business. Especially in the case of multi-family homes, there will be a significant increase, said the managing Director of the Central Association of German construction industry, Felix Pakleppa. “We have had an excellent year in residential construction and expect that the great demand to continue.” The upswing is expected to continue for four to five years. Due to high construction costs, but construction companies are not deserved, despite the good economy “is still a lot of money”.

is Difficult to calculate, according to evaluation of the Mieterbunds in the coming year, in addition to cost-accounting. Those who heat with Gas or district heating, could expect lower costs. “In the case of Oil-fired heating systems, however, it is when the landlord has tanked.” In the first half of the year, the Oil price was still so low that tenants could expect significant savings. All of which the landlord but would have tanked in the fall and Winter, would have to set even higher costs.


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