Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Doubt in Whatsapp Takeover: EU Commission demands explanation from Facebook – Heise Newsticker

(image: Jan Persiel, CC BY-SA 2.0 )

When it came to the approval of the EU Commission on the Whatsapp Acquisition, Facebook assured users that data could not be automated matched. In view of the new link plans to the EU competition authorities have well doubt.

The EU Commission accused Facebook to have in connection with the Acquisition of Messenger service Whatsapp in the year 2014 incorrect information. This is a preliminary evaluation, to obtain the Fcebook now to give an opinion, the Commission informed today, Tuesday. The social network had stated in 2014 that it is impossible, “a reliable automatic matching between the user accounts of both companies”. In August, Facebook had announced then, but to associate the phone numbers of WhatsApp users with their Facebook profiles. This possibility of a technical adjustment have already passed in 2014, the Commission is convinced.

Facebook is to refer to this accusation now’s position, the consent to the Acquisition of Whatsapp by Facebook will stay unaffected. The Commission stated that is correct and not misleading information under such a procedure for the own work is crucial. Up to the 31. January 2017 the social network now has time for the required opinion. Should not convince the Commission and the see the concerns come true, it could impose a monetary penalty in the amount of 1 percent of its sales from Facebook.



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