Monday, January 16, 2017

Facebook-managing Director: do not Want to decide what is true – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

The CEO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, and want to use in the fight against Fake News on the help of a third party (archive image: 2013 in Hamburg).

in Spite of hard criticism does not want to deal with Facebook in the future, even to the Deletion of fake messages, but external experts to do so. In the face of 1.79 billion monthly users, the largest social network follow a clear line, said Executive Director Sheryl Sandberg of the “image”newspaper (Tuesday): “We don’t want to decide what the truth is. And I think no one wants us to do. So we need to work with third parties who are experts." As an example, she cited the recently introduced “Facebook Journalism Project”, aimed at cooperation with media companies and journalists.

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Sandberg dismissed the allegation, Facebook steal in the fight against “Fake News” from the responsibility: “If we say that we are not able to take care of yourself, it means that we do not want to take responsibility. We take on the responsibility."

Facebook had announced on Sunday, in the year of the Bundestag elections in Germany harder against the proliferation of fake news. As a Partner, the research centre Correctiv by users of the reported content should consider and, where appropriate, as a doubtful mark.

In the American election campaign had spread in a large scale false positives on the network. Not a few saw this as the choice is decisive in favor of the Republican Donald Trump.

On the question of whether Facebook will have a decisive influence on the elections to the Bundestag, answer Sandberg: “no. We – and this is really important to develop a technology that allows people to share. We write no articles. We will not edit any article."


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