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EU: What is the Brexit for normal citizens? TIME ONLINE

London/Brussels (dpa) – More than half a year after the vote of the British EU exit Prime Minister Theresa May has said for the first time in more detail, as you might expect from a Brexit.

Main message: The United Kingdom will no longer be a full member of the European single market. What this is because to the Europeans on both sides of the English channel? Ultimately, this is clarified in negotiations between London and Brussels until 2019. But what is certain is that divorce touches almost everyone in Europe.

1. May German to work in the future in the UK?

in accordance with The EU rules allowed free immigration from all the countries of the community was, for many, British is the main reason for the Brexit. May want to put the movement to an end. The rest of the 27 EU countries, however, the principle, belong inseparably to the internal market. It follows logically, what May described now: the farewell to the EU internal market and its advantages, so also from the free movement of Goods and services. London wants to determine in the future who can come and under what conditions to Work on the island. German specialists are not expected to have a relatively easy, Low-wage workers.

2. The EU reported citizens from the UK?

2015 lived according to the statistics Agency Eurostat 2.99 million EU-citizens in the United Kingdom, including 870 000 Poland. A designation is excluded according to an analysis by the British house of lords, because of the European Convention on human rights, the same applies Vice versa for the more than a Million Brits work in other EU countries, including almost 300 000 in Sunny Spain. Nevertheless, the more than four million people are confused. Your rights to wool, so May, as soon as possible, to guarantee said, apparently in a negotiated solution of a mutual. For the EU, this has priority. It comes to rights such as residence, work permit, ownership rights to real estate and much more.

3. Can you study as a German after the Brexit in London?

researchers and students could be suffering from Brexit. Almost one in seven Workers in academia in the UK comes from the EU countries. Students may with the “Erasmus+”programme without tuition fees at British universities, what about 5000 Germans took advantage of in 2015 according to the Academic exchange service. Also, British studying with the program in Germany. After the Brexit could be different. It could also negotiate that the UK remains part of the Erasmus programme.

4. Have to pay German taxpayers more soon for Brussels?

One of the thickest planks in the forthcoming Brexit negotiations, the separation of the EU finances. The UK is the largest net contributor to the community: in 2015, transferred, according to Germany, the UK, pots of 11.5 billion euros more into the EU than it got. For the Federal Republic of Germany, there were 14.3 billion euros. The British contribution falls away, must be applied to the required money in a different, probably in part on the most populous and economically strongest member country, Germany. May said, with the “immense contributions” to the Brexit circuit, but not for “reasonable” payments categorically.

5. Duties will sour soon make it unaffordable?

The EU is also a customs Union: In the community exempt from customs duties and compared to other regions of the world, you submit the import levies are fixed together. The British government wants to regulate the trade relations with third parties – including the USA itself. To do this, you would have to get out of the customs Union. May made it clear that she wants no tariffs in trade in goods with the EU. She hopes to reach an agreement with Brussels. Otherwise, British Goods could be on the continent more expensive and Vice versa.

6. Workers have to fear for Daimler to your Job?

Germany has recently exported Goods to almost 89 billion euros to the UK, and € 38 billion of imported. Export and import parts of cars and vehicle at the very top. Each of the second number of new registrations in the UK, a car of German brands in 2015. The German Association of the automotive industry sees the farewell to the UK from the single market with concern. But in May, a comprehensive free-trade agreement with the EU in view and expects that these for both sides of the “economically rational” Option set. At the negotiating table is a tough nut to crack.

7. Can German will soon have to make a cheaper holiday?

The weakening pound makes travel in the UK cheaper than in the past. The industry Association British Hospitality Association is, in view of the many foreign tourists in the country confident. If the British will in future have to look more closely at the money, spend many their vacation prefer to stay in the home, instead of, as previously, preferably, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands, Greece, Turkey and the Caribbean. Conversely, this may be better deals for other holiday makers, because the organizers get their beds so easy.

8. Homes in the Taunus to be even more expensive?

The British financial industry campaigned before the Brexit vote strongly for staying in the EU and the fear of the unfettered access for their services on the continent. Here, too, May want a Deal with the EU. But there is also speculation about a withdrawal of financial service providers about to Frankfurt. “Mainhattan” would benefit economically. The influx of high-earners could mean, for example, that sellers and landlords of houses and apartments can still ask for more.

9. Fish is on German plates just?

The German high seas fleet, the Association fears “disastrous consequences” if Britain denied after Brexit the EU countries, the entrance in its 200-nautical-mile Zone. There 100 percent of the German herring quota for the North sea – a total of 55 000 tonnes – caught mackerel, there is also a significant part, and Blue whiting. The amount of missing German fish might be for consumers more expensive. The Association hopes to have agreements with Norway: When German fishermen to catch in Norwegian waters, may eject their Norwegian colleagues in German waters networks.

10. Can you afford to make Calls to the London Trip?

The EU has introduced in the past decades, thousands of uniform rules, many consumer protection. Specifications for devices and lamps to help save energy, and limits for poisons and chemicals cancer of the brakes, the lowering of Roaming fees to travelers and allow for worry-free making phone Calls and Surfing abroad in the EU. Abolishes the UK to EU Standards and makes their own? At first, don’t said May. The stock of EU legislation – the Acquis – will be transferred with the Brexit in UK law. Thereafter, any Changes to the Parliament of the fittings.

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