Tuesday, January 17, 2017

BAT and Reynolds: The justice didn’t get “Big Tobacco” small – Handelsblatt

tobacco shop in Pittsburgh

With the proposed combination of British American Tobacco and Reynolds American, the restructuring continues in the industry.

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Hamburgto return to The US market is the tobacco company British American Tobacco (BAT) proud 49.4 billion dollars in value. The British manufacturer of brands such as “Lucky Strike” impressed the judges with its increased offer to Purchase the American “Camel”producer, Reynolds American announced on Tuesday the successful Deal. Twelve years ago, BAT had old his US-part split off, to be in front of billion-dollar lawsuit threats from cancer patients is safe. Now he buys back to him and takes a u-turn, as other industry players.

This is a clear sign that the dream of health activists, has not been met. The U.S. Department of justice, with their collective actions has not been able to set the profit machine “Big Tobacco” still. The show, in the meantime, judgments.

info graphic of the cigarette market: PremiumSmoking-sign

the smoke calls according to the EU Commission in Europe alone, an annual capacity of 700,000 deaths. Accordingly, high compensation, it will not give, but also in Europe. And with the advertising and Smoking bans, has arranged for the industry in the meantime.

For the shareholders are the good news: dividends are rising reliably. Hope that Investment could be in the nicotine groups but still ethically acceptable, offer E-cigarette. You seem to be significantly less risky.

on the Other hand, you can serve the tobacco companies also as a vehicle to attract new customers or not to lose health-conscious smokers. That would be bad: without the health consequences, the electronic Vapor does not remain. Since the compensation sword is dull, the statutory consumer protection here is to be vigilant.

to some extent he is dependent, but even on tobacco producers as low-risk drugs legal in the market. Whether but such high returns, need to let, as previously, on a different sheet.


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