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Windows 10 Insider Preview 15002 Feature-Outlook for the spring – Heise Newsticker

Windows-10-preview version with Build number 15002 a large package of innovations. It shows that the “Creators Update” will repair in the spring of some long overdue Details.

Microsoft has released a new beta version of the “Creators Update” alias Redstone 2 Windows 10. Participants of the program “Windows Insider” to get the output with the Build number 15002.1001 in the Fast Ring. As Build 14986 this edition brings a number of Changes. In the meantime, the foresight to recognize function for April 2017 expected “Creators Update” quite well.

In the associated blog post describes how Microsoft initially quite prominent, what are the lessons learned, the web browser Edge now. The Tab bar is folded out, allowing you to display the preview image; Tabs for later Viewing aside, and the Browser runs Flash content only after the targeted confirmation.

operation and display

In the start menu, you can slide multiple tiles in a folder together – a function on Windows Smartphones for a long time. The OneNote 2016, the well-known Screenshot feature is available system-wide: pressing The key combination Windows key+shift+S allows to mark a section of the current image content, which ends up automatically in the clipboard.

In the case of scaling problems of older programs on High-DPI screens is to bring an additional Option in the compatibility settings of the program or its shortcut, sharper fonts, without the Layout of the Software runs from the rudder. Also a couple of previously supplied scaling construction sites, Microsoft has worked more: the Some functions such as event viewer, device Manager and computer management do not appear, finally, with washed-out or pixelated font.

access to VPN Connections was made with Windows 10 first, a step back: Where there is a connection in Windows 8.1 that was left in directly in the network-to quickly access building, open in Windows 10 so far, quite cumbersome settings. This is now fixed in Build 15002 Windows 10 can be directly from the quick access with a VPN to connect.

Here and there after practicing the developer for further Details: The new edition can display the time and date in the notification area of the taskbar now also the Chinese lunar calendar; dialogs added minor changes to notifications and App Login. In addition, the arrangement of the Desktop-Icons with rotating screens, for example Tablets, reliable.

Ink and Cortana

In the Notepad and drawing App Windows Ink Microsoft has improved the Eraser. He can also remove large or small portions of individual lines. The voice assistant feature, Cortana should in future, to explain App-specific commands, if the developers have provided. Apps, support, Microsoft is in the Store in the list of “Better with Cortana”; the list of German-language Apps named “Cortana helps” is still significantly smaller. In addition, memories can now also be used for monthly or yearly recurring events via Cortana create.


As the Preview Build 15002, intensified Microsoft its efforts in terms of accessibility. So Cortana is designed to help the user in the future by the initial setup of the Creators Update (OOBE = Out-Of-Box Experience). Text-to-speech Microsoft wants to have the Navigation in the scan mode improves. In addition, the voice output is available even in the minimal systems of Windows PE and RE for Installation and repair of Windows. To be able to use the useful test is a installation media for the Build 15002 necessary, Microsoft provides the prospect that such will be provided in next week’s Preview ISO download page.

the support for Braille displays you work in Redmond. Until it is usable, it still takes a little bit, although the Option for speech output in the settings for the shows. Some modern Apps, also prepared presentation problems with the Option for high contrast – the want to have fixed Microsoft.

settings: Even more new!

Some of the large and small modifications Microsoft made to the App for the settings – especially the various new functions of stuck there. The most striking Change is equal to see on the main page: settings related to Apps that are moved into a separate, tenth category. The settings screen no longer hide the resolution in a sub-menu, and also offer a night mode, a feature that reduces the proportion of blue in the illustration. On request, they will activate automatically at sunset, or in quarter-hour increments adjustable time.

The menu “themes” in the settings for personalization – and is now content to dive in there: The design for Windows 10 include background images, accent color, system sounds, and mouse pointer styles. “Dynamic Lock” can be regarded as counterpart to Login with “Windows Hello” via face detection using a 3D camera. In order for Windows to recognize if the user leaves the PC, and the screen lock automatically.

Who the Router is via a mobile phone to the Internet, you can now also set a LAN connection to the Router as a metered connection – the often criticized limitation, wireless connections, and has removed the Microsoft. Add to that various minor Changes and Revisions to the setting menus, to the Business data protection feature Windows Information Protection (WIP) and the Pinyin transcription. Also the bizarre error, that the data promises a disk cleanup, nearly four terabytes of memory to Free should be fixed. The Bugcheck page for Stop errors no longer appear in the Insider pre-release versions in the future as a blue, rather than green screen. To help identify the appropriate Screenshots on the error messages a beta version.

update pause

Microsoft has created a few ways to control the automatic Installation of Windows Updates, at least a little better. Who wants to the automatic Update Installation to suppress, the need to resort to drastic measures such as turning Off the Windows Update service. Build 15002 provides an Option for Windows Updates for a maximum of 35 days suspend – however, some Updates”, such as for the virus monitor Defender to be installed” to continue. The automatic driver update can be directly in the Update settings switch-off and the “use of time” within which Windows may a Update does not automatically restart, instead of 12 hours, at least 18 hours. Apart from the latter, the above-mentioned Changes are, however, owners of Windows 10 Pro and higher reserved. (jss)


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