Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Unemployment: the Lowest annual average in 25 years – daily mirror

The number of unemployed in Germany rose for the end of the year due to weather conditions, to 2,568 million. In December 2016, the 36,000, more men and women were reported to be unemployed than in November, informed the Federal employment Agency (BA) on Tuesday in Nuremberg. However, there were 113,000 in less than a year ago. The unemployment rate increased in comparison to November, by 0.1 point to 5.8 percent.

for the full year of 2016, the unemployment figure was, on average, 2,691 million people. This is the lowest annual average in 25 years. The average unemployment rate decreased by 0.3 points to 6.1 percent. Already in the year 2015, the number of unemployed had reached an average of 2,795 million, a record low.

Cold weather increases the odds

“The good development of unemployment has continued to the end of the year,” said BA chief Frank-Jürgen Weise. “For a long time, strong Employment growth has weakened since the summer months, although noticeable, the demand for new employees is moving but at a very high level.”

The rise in unemployment in December, has reasons, according to estimates by Economists, for the most part on the time of year: In December, usually the first harbingers of the Winter unemployment will be felt. Due to the weather at the end of lose year, thousands of Workers in outdoor occupations such as construction, or in nurseries – your work and log in the Winter, unemployed. Significantly more pronounced this effect is, however, in January.

this annual timing influences-adjusted number of unemployed fell in December from The previous month, it fell to 17,000 unemployed.

The employment and employment subject to social insurance has grown in comparison with the previous year, although the growth of the BA, according to last significantly slowed down. Also, the demand for labour was high, shared with the BA. In December 658.000 work were reported in the BA, 68.000 in more than a year ago.

rate in Berlin remains below ten percent

In December 2016, a total of 172 604 unemployed reported were in Berlin at the agencies for employment and the 12 job centres, 1730 persons more than in November 2016 and 11 663 less than in December 2015. The unemployment rate was 9.2 percent. It was thus 0.9 percentage points year-on-year. The largest increase in Personnel in the areas of education achieved, followed by other economic services, as well as the area of real estate, professional, scientific and technical services.

In the state of Brandenburg, the rate was least 7.5 percent and was 0.8 percentage points lower than in December 2015.

reduction in the contribution to the unemployment insurance?

in view of the Billions of reserve for unemployment insurance in the great coalition of support for a reduction in the contribution rate. Professional politicians of the SPD and the Union agreed to the “süddeutsche Zeitung” in principle, a receivable of the Federal government, the taxpayer. “With the contribution rate development to the Federal Agency for work, we will be working in the next time,” said SPD parliamentary group Deputy Schneider. It must be ensured that stable long-term contributions in both the contributor and the taxpayer prior to a deterioration of the economic situation would be protected.

the head of The Union-Association, Linnemann said the “SZ”: “What is now made to the Surplus belongs to the workers and employers.” Also Linnemann left open how much of the sentence should be reduced. (dpa)


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