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The U.S. litigation: Deutsche Bank pays millions more – THE WORLD

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New York/Frankfurt – Deutsche Bank is moving forward with the Process of your expensive legal Legacy: Two weeks after the billion agreement with the U.S. Department of justice in a dispute with mortgage transactions, Germany’s largest money house settled a tax dispute in the United States, by comparison.

Deutsche Bank, have agreed to a payment of $ 95 million (Euro 91 million), reported the New York Federal Prosecutor Preet Bharara. It was a question of allegations, the institution have tried with a network of straw companies to avoid taxes in the United States.

shortly before Christmas, agreed the Dax company with the U.S. Department of justice in the Mortgage settlement. Deutsche Bank will pay $ 3.1 billion civil fine, in addition to over several years, 4.1 billion dollars stretched to financial relief for borrowers in the United States. It went to civil claims in connection with the issuance of mortgage-backed securities between 2005 and 2007. The Dax group was accused of such shops to the collapse of the US housing market in 2008 contributed to this. Originally, the US authorities had threatened with $ 14 billion penalty.

For the Deutsche Bank are the uncertainties on the cost for the numerous legal disputes, one of the biggest stress factors. She threw back the money of the house on his rehabilitation course. Without the recent US agreement penalties cost the Institute in the last few years, more than twelve billion euros – about because of the participation in interest rate manipulation (Libor), a controversial mortgage transactions and breaches of trade sanctions.

Chairman of the Board, John has set the work-up of the Contaminated sites at the top of his Agenda. Open to a possible penalty for alleged sanctions violations and money is now mainly yet wash at shops in Russia. The group had recently laid back some 5.9 billion euros for legal risks.

notification of the Federal Prosecutor to the tax dispute

Deutsche Bank to United States demand in the Mortgage settlement 15.9.2016

Deutsche Bank to agreement in the Mortgage settlement 23.12.2016

December-Embassy Cryan to employees

share price of Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank Q3/2016


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