Friday, January 6, 2017

The Peso as a bad Omen – THE WORLD

Noch is not Donald Trump, US President, nor is he not – but, alone rich ruled his Tweets on the short-messaging service Twitter to move markets and influence stock market prices or currency exchange rates. Against Mexico, Trump has unleashed with its short messages, a veritable trade war. And it goes so far that the Mexican Peso has crashed and now has to be supported.

For weeks, a shoots Trump on the southern neighbors. He wants to make “America great again”, by binding, among other things, cheap imports from Mexico. The free trade agreement Nafta with Mexico and Canada wants to terminate Trump, Were evidence from Mexico and duties of up to 35 percent. So new Jobs in the United States, because of the increasing use and locally produced. So the calculus. A gigantic wall is planning to Trump between the two countries, the cost of which “will later be Mexico paid”, as the President-elect tweeted on Friday. And on the automotive companies for printing, to make sure that the vehicles for the US market in the future, not more in Mexico to build.

All of this is fuelling uncertainty in Mexico about the economic Outlook in such a way that the currency is crashed to a record low of 21,624 Peso to the Dollar.

For the majority of the already poor Mexican population is a disaster, because imports are more expensive, and Inflation is rising. The Mexican Central Bank saw the end of the week, no other way to sell as a mass detention of Dollars to support the Peso exchange rate. Dealers spoke of a billion dollars, which was put into circulation. The exchange rate of the Peso recovered yet.

The Central Bank of the country has now raised out of fear of economic turmoil the key interest rate. The Situation in the country is tense, especially after the government had raised the prices of Diesel and petrol at the beginning of the year, up to 20 percent. Since then, the protests against inflation, not tear down. In many places of the country in the past few days of violent rioting and looting of shops. There were hundreds of arrests, many wounded and several Dead, including a police officer. The Mexican chambers of Commerce warn that the occupations of highways, ports and Terminals, as well as looting would have already forced the first shops and businesses to close. This is threatening the delivery of basic goods and fuel.

The attacks Trumps meet Mexico in a the worst possible Moment, and also aimed at one of the bowl industries of the country: automotive. Since the days of the Trump bombarding the companies with requests via Twitter to produce more in the United States. First, the future President of General Motors (GM) had criticised the decision to want to be the model of the Cruze in Mexico. Then Trump Ford in front of buttoned, the only one of the three U.S. car giants, who had to be rescued during the financial crisis, with tax billion. Ford said then, a 1.6-billion-Dollar investment for the construction of a new plant in the Mexican city of San Luis Potosi and now wants to invest in the metro Detroit area. Wherein the, allegedly, has nothing to do with trump’s statements, it emphasizes at Ford.

His first slash against a foreign car maker Trump announced on Thursday. Toyota wanted to build a plant in Mexico and the new Corolla, the once best-selling model in the world, let the tape run. “No way,” tweeted the next President and, exceptionally, also in uppercase. “Building the factory in the USA or pay huge duties,” he pushed. With such calls Trump cuts to one of the pillars of the Mexican economy. Almost all of the major automotive manufacturers in Mexico to produce also, but not exclusively for the US market. Recently in Mexico produced 2.5 million vehicles, 82 per cent are exported. So Mexico ends up in eighth place among the largest automobile manufacturing Nations of the world. The supplier industry is even stronger. For years, the industry has been growing in Mexico. Starting from the year 1998, increased exports of cars to 140 per cent, the production of vehicles has doubled. Mexico has a good infrastructure, low wages and the giant US market on the doorstep. A Mexican worker gets per hour, the equivalent of about five euros, in the USA there are on average 35 euros, in Germany 50 Euro. Thus, production costs in Mexico, even among those in China.

No wonder that all the major manufacturers produce or have it. The VW group is already for a long time in Mexico, and has a capacity of about 600,000 vehicles, Audi had only Recently opened a new plant. Hyundai-Kia produced there, Toyota or Mazda to do it. Daimler plans with Nissan, a joint work. In the USA, approximately 3.3 million cars will be sold in the country are produced. A large proportion of these vehicles comes from factories that are the southern neighbours. The cheap wages in Mexico and the large US market to the business model of almost all major car manufacturers – and it is a crucial part of the Mexican value-added is based.

According to the Americans and Japanese could meet next, the German car maker, the spell ray of Trumps. That all in the US produce and even cars to Germany run, is likely to Trump of little interest. The facts are not known to be so important. He criticized Toyota plant in the Mexican Baja, for example, for a long time. He has it confused with another planned factory.


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