Friday, January 20, 2017

Tesla survives fatal accident without consequences – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

The fatal accident, has brought the electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors last year in expository, remains for the company for the time being without consequences. The us traffic safety authority NHTSA has closed its investigation into the case, without asking Tesla for a recall.

Roland Lindner author: Roland Lindner, an economic correspondent in New York.

you could find not a Defect in the Autopilot System of Tesla, whose reliability has been made after the accident in question. She said, however, that Autonomous technologies such as Tesla’s Autopilot have their limits and Tesla have pointed out, perhaps not clear enough.

The auto-pilot function allows the vehicles from Tesla, to control himself. The company urges its clients to retain even when the system is activated, the control of the car and hands on the wheel. In the accident in the past year, the Autopilot was activated. The driver of a “Model S” Tesla died, after the car was collided with a tractor-trailer that crossed the road. Apparently, neither the driver nor the assistance system registered the truck, because the impact has not slowed down.

The accident raised doubts about the reliability of Tesla’s technology, and the public transport authority has launched an investigation. Critics have argued, despite the warnings of Tesla, to not take the hands off the wheel, seduce the Autopilot driver, lulled into a false sense of security. The consumer magazine “Consumer Reports” found that the Name “Autopilot” for the System was “misleading and possibly dangerous”.

These concerns seems to share the authority. A spokesman warned Tesla as well as other companies to make the naming and the marketing of their Autonomous systems, no excessive expectations. It is important that the driver understand where the limits of these technologies. Tesla’s Autopilot requires “continuous and full attention” of the driver. It is also best to avoid rear-end collisions, but not so much collisions with a car, which the road crosses, as in the case of the fatal accident. Tesla had pointed out in its operating manuals to the limits of its technology, “but perhaps not as specific as it could be.”

However, the authority apparently came to the conclusion that the blame for the accident lay with the driver. According to their investigations, the driver would have had seven seconds to notice the tractor-trailer and slow down. The authority can find no Defects in the Design or in the operation of the autopilot. You pointed out in your report, even the fact that the Tesla technology could help avoid accidents. The accident rates after Installation of the system had fallen almost 40 percent.

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the findings of The authority are to be a great success for Tesla, even if there are investigations by the National Transportation Safety Board, another transport instance. Tesla chief Elon Musk tweeted that the report of the authority was “very positive”. In contrast, consumers criticized the protector of the “Consumer Watchdog”, the authority shall have given to the driver instead of Tesla’s technology and aggressive Marketing, the debt.

Tesla has taken after the accident, steps to improve its technology. In September, the company introduced a new auto-pilot system, which relies more on the Radar instead of cameras. Musk said that the updated Autopilot would have detected an obstacle, such as in the fatal accident involved tractor-trailer and ensure that the car brakes. The new System warns the driver more frequently to let your hands on the wheel, and switches off the autopilot, if warnings are ignored.


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