Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Social systems: coalition will examine the contribution reduction in unemployment insurance – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Will be relieved of the employees in the unemployment insurance?

in view of the Billions of reserve for unemployment insurance in the great coalition of support for a reduction in the contribution rate. Professional politicians of the SPD and the Union agreed to the “süddeutsche Zeitung” in principle, a receivable of the Federal government, the taxpayers.

“With the contribution rate development to the Federal Agency for work, we will be working in the next time,” said SPD parliamentary group Deputy Carsten Schneider of the newspaper. It must be ensured that stable long-term contributions in both the contributor and the taxpayer prior to a deterioration of the economic situation would be protected. “This is guaranteed and with a lower contribution rate over a medium-term period can be displayed, then the contribution rate should be lowered”, said the SPD politician.

Union politicians argued for a reduction. The head of the Union SME Association, Carsten Linnemann (CDU), said the “SZ”: “What is now made to the Surplus belongs to the workers and employers.” Also Linnemann left open how much of the sentence should be reduced. It is crucial that the contributions can be kept to a reduction in “stable for several years”.

The Federal government, the taxpayers had claimed on Monday to lower the rate to unemployment insurance from three to 2.5 per cent. “The current contribution rate to the unemployment insurance system remains unchanged since 2011. Since then, the Federal Agency with a billion has not established a reserve, which you needed to the same extent at all", criticized BdSt-President Reiner wooden nail. The BA had generated in the year 2016, a Surplus of 4.9 billion euros. Originally, they had expected only a 1.8 billion Euro.

The Surplus is to lay in the back for worse times flow, the increase to 10,96 billion euros. In the past, the Nuremberg-based Federal authority from your reserve pot that had grown in the past decade to 16 billion euros, short-time working allowances financed programs, in order to cushion downturns of the company.


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