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self-driving cars: US investigators find no technical cause for the deadly Tesla-accident

Friday, 20.01.2017, 11:20

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In the case of the first fatal accident with a self driving Tesla car, U.S. investigators were able to detect a technical failure. Rather, human factors have played a role. Will be able to notice it criticizes the marketing of the self-propelled device as an “Autopilot”

In a investigation of the fatal accident with a self-driving Tesla car is the US traffic Supervisory authorities have no technical failure. There is no Defect had been found in the safety systems of the car including the braking device, declared by the Ministry of transport in Washington and the national highway traffic safety administration NHTSA on Thursday. The investigation had been completed.

self-propelled device is said no Autopilot

NHTSA spokesman, Bryan Thomas, in the case of the fatal accident a number of human factors have played a role. The self-propelled apparatus had not been applied as prescribed.

Thomas criticized the fact that the self-propelled device will be marketed as “Autopilot”. This could lead a driver to overestimate the efficiency of this function.

must be made clear that a self-driving function, set Auto “requires the constant and full concentration of the driver”. The driver must always be ready for active Intervention to prevent an accident. This technique needs to be developed “with a view to the inattentive driver”, to ensure safety.

driver would have got enough time

was the sensational accident in may, the driver of the Tesla cars are killed. Be on auto-pilot provided the car had not slowed down when a Truck in front of him on a crossing, the road happened. The accident was the first fatal accident with a self driving car.

The investigation into the fatal accident revealed that the driver had seven seconds in which to act after the Emergence of the Truck, said authorities spokesman Thomas.

Video: fatal Crash with Autopilot – the driver must intervene: This Video shows where Tesla’s Autopilot has its limitations

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