Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New jobs in the United States: Ford halts plans for Factory construction in Mexico – daily mirror

Shortly before the inauguration of US President Donald Trump of the auto manufacturer Ford has announced that he wants to dispense with the construction of a large manufacturing plant in Mexico, and instead, hundreds of new jobs in the United States. The planned billion investment in San Luis Potosí, Mexico would be stopped, the group announced on Tuesday. Instead, 700 Jobs would be created in the framework of the investment programme for electric mobility in Michigan.

In the CNN Ford CEO Mark Fields said that the decision against the new Mexican plant had been completely hit regardless. There had been no agreement with Trump. “We have done what is good for our business,” said the Ford CEO. He acknowledged, however, that he had talked about it on Tuesday with trump’s future Deputy Mike Pence.

Trump, the on 20. January takes office as the US President, had announced in his election campaign, repeatedly massive pressure on US companies, the jobs transferred abroad. He attacked repeatedly, companies like Ford and announced an import duty of 35 per cent for Mexico-produced cars.

Originally, Ford had $ 1.6 billion (1.5 billion euros) in a new plant in San Luis Potosí to invest. 2800 Jobs should arise. Instead of the new building in Mexico should be expanded in the existing plant in Flat Rock, Michigan, it was in the company message. This would be provided in the next four years, 700 million dollars. In the U.S. state of Michigan, Trump had won in the presidential election a decisive victory.

In Michigan is to will be applied are electric cars and self-driving cars to be built

Flat Rock is to be built according to Ford’s future electric cars and self-driving cars, as well as the models of Ford Mustang and Lincoln Continental. Thus, 700 new jobs would be created. The decision is part of an investment plan for electric mobility, the second largest US car group up to 2020, a total of 4.5 billion dollars. The new Ford Focus will meanwhile be in an already existing plant in the Mexican city of Hermosillo mounted.

The Mexican government regretted the decision by Ford against the new plant in San Luis Potosí. You will ensure that the U.S. company be refunded any Mexican subsidies for the project. The Mexican Ministry of economy said that in Mexico, created Jobs would have disappeared helped to secure jobs in the manufacturing sector in the United States, otherwise in the competition with Asia.

On Tuesday, Trump also took the US car manufacturer General Motors (GM) to the visor. GM supply its dealers in the United States with built in Mexico, model Chevy Cruze, without having to pay taxes, he wrote in the short message service Twitter. “Manufactures in the USA or pays high duties!”

Short had previously been nominated representative of the future US President with Robert Lighthizer is a self-confessed turn back to his trade. Lightizer to help reverse “the failed trade policy that has robbed many Americans of the prosperity,” said Trump on Tuesday.

The free trade agreement Nafta with the two neighboring countries of Mexico and Canada wants to terminate Trump. He makes such agreements responsible for ensuring that US companies industries have shifted jobs abroad. The Mexican Ministry of economic Affairs called for a “modernization” of Nafta. (AFP)


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