Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Future US President, Trump: the Commander in tweet? –

A Smartphone and a Twitter Account: More Trump didn’t need, apparently, is to prevent Republicans in Congress from afar to call back and Ford to build a new factory in Mexico. But the future of the US can rule the President?

The Republicans of the US President, Trump had made, of all things, at the start of the new Congress, the independent ethics office to cut down. It looks the members in the house of representatives on the Finger and many had become too powerful. Trump tweeted: Even if the office was unfair, there were other priorities.

This is the wrong message at the beginning, also said the Republican, Mike Coffman. The had said the Republican leadership in the house of representatives, from the beginning, the majority of members was impressive. Only trump’s tweets, she seemed to control them. But that was not the only reason: There were indignant calls from voters, and negative headlines.

Deputy Dave Brat admitted: “One of the reasons headlines are, we would make the Moral compromise. These are not good headlines.” Therefore, the ethics office is going to remain as it is – for now, at least.

at the same time the car manufacturer Ford announced that he will change his plans: He is now build a new factory in Mexico. These should create nearly 3000 new Jobs. Instead a factory is to be expanded in the USA to 700 new jobs. Trump had criticized the auto industry again and again via Twitter, that they have invested abroad.

“a vote of confidence in Trumps strategy”

Ford CEO Mark Fields told the TV channel CNN, Trump is the reason why they had changed their plans. “We do what is good for our business. We look at all the factors,” said Fields. “A more positive business environment for the industry under a President Trump. It is a vote of confidence for the growth strategies that he has outlined.”

Trump is not the only reason: The new factory in Mexico should be compact to build cars. Because they no longer sell so well, the group needs a new factory. Now, it is sufficient to expand the capacity of another plant in Mexico. The 700 new jobs in the United States are to arise in the next year, and then electric cars to build.

Trump had threatened more and more companies using Twitter, what was followed on the stock markets closely. Those who respond will be rewarded: Ford’s rate went up by almost four percent.

“It takes more than 140 characters”

Submit 140 characters to respond to? The top Democrat in the Senate, Chuck Shumer, protested: “Only for words, the issues are too important, our challenges are too big for a mere Tweet. To make America great again, needs more than 140 characters.” America could afford to be on Twitter-the President.

trump’s defenders say: He is not yet President, and has already achieved things now. The conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer said on Fox News: “The Tweets will work: the Case of North Korea, in the case of General Motors, to the ethics office within hours.” In the process, Trump was not even in the office. “Then it could be a little more problematic, because people might use them to derive a strategy. It is too hard to be detailed or specific enough to describe in a Tweet a cohesive strategy.”

This remains the big question: Is the Trump put down as President, the Smartphone, or we will continue to analyse Tweets to understand 140 characters, how American politics will look like?

reported On this issue info radio on 04. January, 2017 07:38 PM.


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