Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Foreign trade: U.S. companies warn of trade war with China – the TIME ONLINE

Beijing (Reuters) – U.S. companies in China have warned Donald Trump in front of a trade war with Beijing, if the designated US President should implement its threatened sanctions.

The Chinese government is preparing steps, “to retaliate”, said Lester Ross of the American chamber of Commerce in Beijing on the occasion of the presentation of a study on the mood of US companies in China. Beijing would be “without” and “Arsenal” to respond to the actions of the United States.

Trump, who will be sworn in on Friday as the U.S. President, China was referred to in the election campaign and afterwards as a “currency manipulator” and a Penalty tax in the amount of 45 per cent on imports from China is announced. Also, he had accused China of stealing American Jobs. A trade war between the US and China was not helpful, in order to protect Jobs, said William Zarit, Chairman of the U.S. chamber of Commerce in Beijing.

criticism of the US-companies in Beijing received: According to the study, from the Wednesday American companies in their dealings in China, more and more disadvantaged. Accordingly, 81 percent of U.S. companies feel “less welcome” than in the previous year. Most of the respondents see even a “chilling environment” for investment.

criticism of the US companies comes a day after China’s President promoted Xi Jinping at the world economic summit in Davos for more free trade and against protectionism. Xi announced, once again, to simplify market access for foreign companies, and to improve legal certainty.

A promise that 60 per cent of the surveyed US companies are skeptical about. They do not go according to survey, the market is open for foreign firms in China soon.

and European companies regularly complain of unfair competition in China and a lack of market access. On Tuesday, Michael Clauss, the German Ambassador had urged in Beijing, to create equal conditions for foreign companies. “Many companies tell us that their difficulties are increased,” wrote Clauss in a message.

Website of the US chamber of Commerce


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