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Federal budget: for this reason, Schäuble overflowing coffers of THE WORLD

Bundesfinanz Minister Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) is in Freiburg as we know, Baden – but that he is liable it is managed like the proverbial Swabian housewife, also shows the provisional financial statements of the Federal government for the past year. Because of the great cash in the overthrow of the Federal government, a strong Etatüberschuss comes out again. He is 6.2 billion euros and the refugees despite the high cost for the reception, accommodation and care of hundreds of thousands.

The Surplus is only about half of what they were at the end of the financial year 2015. But especially in comparison with other industrial countries with such full coffers, and even, as in the case of Germany, for the third year in a row – are anything other than of course. For the money blessing, there are a number of reasons.

The economy was fine, and the tax revenue gushers. The interest costs were still low, and the Bundesbank has delivered more money than planned. Not entirely unimportant is actually unwanted contribution to the Surplus of those, the criticism of Schäuble and his Ministry for their allegedly undisciplined budget policy: the States and the municipalities.

“Schäuble verfrühstückt savings in the coming years”

reports The analysis of the house of Barkow Consulting, Finance Minister Schäuble in the past and in the coming years, many billions of euros through bond sales occupies. In the process, but cheated.

source: The world

Because you have not retrieved from the various programs of the Federal government nearly as much money as would be available when expenditure was planned. For example, from the Fund, which was established as a special asset of the Federal government. 4.3 billion Euro are provided for the relief of flood damage, has been retrieved in 2016, but only slightly more than one-sixth of the total. Also for the expansion of Childcare infrastructure, which is also a special asset of the Federal government, were much less requests, as the money would be there.

The billion the Federal government for the rehabilitation of the schools had rejected the German country district even the last to open. 3.5 billion euros, the Federal government provides in the framework of the so-called local investment promotion in the schools, at least the largest structural defects could be eliminated. District President Hans-Günter Henneke had referred to in the “world”, however, the Fund as a “poisoned gift”. The Federal government of interfering in responsibilities that went with him for nothing. They wanted to govern from Berlin in the interests of the local authorities, and tells her it is in the rural districts. “That kind of money, we want to envelope a second Time.” So far the pot is untouched to a large extent.

Federal, on his money

a total of seats of the Federal government in 2016, has invested less than planned and less from its special funds spent as intended. An example of ribbon development and transport investment, so projects that should have absolute priority. For 34.9 billion euros were available. Were issued but 1.8 billion less than planned. Of the energy and climate Fund, which, among other things, the cost of the energy transition are to be worn, were also used 1.8 billion euros less.

“countries and municipalities from the call means only a very hesitant,” in government circles. “The countries reported in the appropriate Fund 100 percent of their needs. What is requested is actually, but it’s much less." Overall, the need to stimulate a debate on how planning processes in Germany could be accelerated, the Federal Ministry of Finance.

the SPD wants to cut taxes for low income earners

The election year of 2017, and the SPD brings in position. To the Chancellor the candidate you want to say anything. Instead, the first proposals for tax reform.

source: The world

Endless plan approval procedures and countless requirements to ensure that the preparation of large projects last for years. In addition, would have to be increased in the countries and municipalities of “planning capacity”. It is missing simply at civil engineers to appropriate projects to prepare for.

Finally, the good state of the economy ensures that the German construction industry is covered with orders, and to the capacity limit of working. Even if municipalities would provide a greater scope of works, would you not far. The construction company could not complete currently. “So it is not on the money, if you are always criticized, that the state is investing too little”, the conclusion it concludes in the Ministry of Finance.

was known But hardly this week that it will again be a billion large budget surplus, started the tug of war for the money. Schäuble wants to use the 6.2 billion euros for debt repayment. Finally, the Federal Republic of Germany with about 1.2 trillion euros in debt. So you cannot put an international character, “Etatüberschüsse and growth impetus to exclude,” argues his house.

man To give the citizens something from the net Income?

It was not the time for tax gifts, the money should arouse the earnest desires of the countries. They had been supported to 2016, eventually with nine billion euros of the Federal government in tackling the refugee crisis. The countries finances were so stable overall. Even in North Rhine-Westphalia come in last year, quite surprisingly, without new loans.

But the Plan with the repayment of its debt, bringing Schäuble plenty of criticism, and makes for Trouble in the Grand coalition, even in the Union itself. Bavaria’s Finance Minister Markus Söder (CSU) has demanded speedy tax relief. “We should give back to the citizens again. In view of the low interest rates and rising Inflation, it now needs to rapidly tax cuts,” he said “image”.

The SPD penetrates, Surpluses for a quick discharge of people with small-and middle-income as well as for investment. “The reserve is no piggy Bank to the Federal Minister for Finance”, – said the Head housekeeper of the group, Johannes Kahrs. Also, police, Technical relief and the customs should be better equipped. The Greens also see room for investment. Wolfgang Schäuble have long denied that an investment existing deficit, the budgetary policy spokesman of the group, Sven-Christian Kindler. “We are paying the price now, there is no sensible investment strategy.”

in response, reiterated Schäuble, the goal of his party, after the election, a tax reduction of “approximately 15 billion euros” annually on the way. The next government needs to “both the wage and income tax and the corporate tax ran,” he said of the “süddeutsche Zeitung”. It was “possible and necessary”. As Kahrs, he has small-to-medium income. Schäuble: in addition to the tax breaks, the new government should also start, the solidarity surcharge should be abolished.


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