Tuesday, January 17, 2017

EU Parliament President Tajani: A choice of the populists – THE WORLD

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Antonio Tajani is the new President of the EU Parliament

source: The world

After a multi-hour election marathon in Strasbourg, the decision has been made: The Italian Antonio Tajani is the new President of the EU. In a runoff election, he beat his competitors, Gianni Pittella.

source: The world

The election of Antonio Tajani to the European Parliament the President makes for serious collateral damage, the far-reaching consequences for the European Union. In the most serious crisis the EU is in demand.

Eit was a difficult birth: it was Only in the last round of the Italian Antonio Tajani for the next two and a half years, was elected President of the EU Parliament. But this is quite a good sign: After the President of the Parliament, were for decades previously-out chums up, there was this Time an open competition, with six candidates. At the end of a man of the Christian democratic EPP, the liberals and also the European Conservatives and reformers (ECR) won – a diffuse Alliance of Conservative, Right-wing populist and EU-critical parties – was elected.

The choice leaves behind serious collateral damage that can have far-reaching consequences for the Union. Ironically, in the most serious crisis in the EU, the Covenant is broken between the two largest groups, the EPP and the social Democrats, the trenches are as deep as never before.

What looks, at first glance, after a welcome break with long traditions and a fresh Wind, it means in the current Situation of instability. It is completely uncertain how reliable is the new coalition partner of the EPP, the liberals, and the extent to which they will follow their internally quite controversial Faction leader Verhofstadt.

The influence of populist parties most likely to rise

that the votes of the two new coalition partners for majorities are far from sufficient. The legislation in Europe, in which Parliament is involved in the majority of cases, has become much more difficult and the influence of populist parties is likely to increase, because they will soon be needed more than ever to secure majorities. Important laws on Migration and combating terrorism are currently at the tables of the members.

figure out Who may still reminiscent of the small-minded ideological tug of war in Parliament the storage of flight passenger data, of how difficult it is now to a quick agreement on new Anti-Terror laws is likely to be.

The election campaign for the European elections of 2019 has begun with this vote on the President of Parliament much too early. It is to be feared that the social Democrats in the Parliament to settle in the long term, the EPP and the lyre of social justice up and down.

The social-Democrats are, in many EU countries, such as Germany, France and Italy under intense pressure from populist and radical parties – you are looking for a Narrative, and Europe back far back to their traditional role as a fighter for the “little people” and against “neo-liberalism”. This leads into the cul-de-SAC. The social Democrats in the EU Parliament, should reflect and co-operation. It is very much.


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