Monday, January 2, 2017

Electric cars: The grant is a Flop – TIME ONLINE

For six months can apply to buyers of cars with electrified propulsion for a grant. Pure electric cars are promoted with € 4,000, Plug-in Hybrids – cars with a combination of electric motor and combustion engine plus external rechargeable battery with 3,000 euros. The financial incentive is to difference the marked price between a car with an electric and a combustion engine, at least a little bit of tempering and more car inspire buyers for the alternative drive.

on a larger scale, it didn’t work so far, however: The request of sobering numbers are at a stable level. Since the 2. July when for the prize of the competent Federal office of Economics and export control (Bafa) just 9.023 applications for a grant for the purchase of electric cars or Plug-in Hybrid vehicle, such as the post office in Eschborn. “Although I was already skeptical, this is still significantly less than I had expected,” says Stefan Bratzel, a Professor for automotive Economics at the University of applied Sciences in Bergisch Gladbach. “In principle, the premium is a Flop, it has virtually no effect.”

An – admittedly somewhat unfair comparison: For the extremely popular car scrappage scheme, in the promotion who also comes to the Greyhound principle (first in, first served) was awarded. in 2009, car buyers in just the first weeks of 150,000 applications for funding Federal transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt (CSU) acknowledged that the use of the current buyer’s premium “a piece of dynamics” is missing. This is but natural. “Only because of a premium to buy not just a new car”, said Dobrindt of the dpa. He was, however, sure that the alternative drive would enforce. It was a matter of time.

there first, especially private people who fulfilled their desire to have a car with an electrical powertrain, the balance after half a year, about the same number of applications of private persons and companies. Of the applications received 5.129 attributable to pure electric cars, 3.892 on Plug-in Hybrids. The two most popular pure electric car models are the Renault Zoe and the BMW i3, which is already more than 3,100 applications are omitted. In the case of the Plug-in hybrid, the Audi A3 e-tron located in front of the BMW 225xe.

However, the temporary Failure of the official environmental bonus, referred bonus have a positive effect, says Bratzel: “The premium that is not working, is a clear indication that you have to go other ways.” From his point of view, the more attractive Car models with more range and the improvement of the infrastructure. “The two topics belong together, in both I now see movement,” says the expert.

As for the just begun year, there is hope for improvement. Various electric cars come with an extended radius of action on the market, including the Opel Ampera-e to go to the laboratory measurement of 500 kilometers with one battery charge, the Renault Zoe, with a theoretical 400 and the VW e-Golf with 300 kilometers range. Depending on how fast the implementation is running, could also be the announcement of the German car manufacturer to want to from 2017, around 400 public charging stations set up, the environmental bonus and in order for the electric mobility little impetus.

“I don’t see the steep path to the top, but it is movement in the market,” says Bratzel. He considers it realistic that the market share of E-cars and Plug-rises in hybrids by 2017, to more than a percent, and looks at least a Chance that, theoretically, even two percent could be achieved.

This should respond to the Bafa also more applications for the purchase premium. You should run until 2019, but according to the current state of the available total sum of 1.2 billion euros, would not be exhausted until the closing date, approximately, when the number of applications added per month, would remain at around 1,500. The funding pot, which is filled to one-half of the state and the car manufacturers, enough for 300,000 to 400,000 sponsored cars with alternative drive technologies.


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