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Donald Trump: Only Europe can stop him now – THE WORLD

Nthe un has Donald Trump made in accordance with the American and Japanese automotive manufacturers, the German. “You can build cars for the U.S., but you will pay for every car that comes into the United States, 35 percent in taxes,” said the future President in the direction of the BMW.

Trump threatens a global economic war. But it won’t come. For the time being. What is the next American President, currently, really, is a small economic war against Mexico. He leads him already. Via Twitter. And he is successful. That is actually dangerous.

America, the US-car industry. And this is a mammoth task, because the American car manufacturers have recovered from the shock of the financial crisis. The Germans and Japanese are getting stronger, GM, Ford, and Chrysler, which once ruled the industry, has become in many areas to “fast followers” to the pursuers.

the manufacturer of potential punitive tariffs would be affected

source: infographic world

Now you can protect its economy through tariffs and hope that you are recovering in the warm bubble of the home market. Which is, of course, in the case of the U.S. automobile industry is nonsense. Because US cars are exported to many countries in the world. A complete tariff wall around the United States, ultimately, would only be a consequence of: against attacks.

Neither the European Union nor Japan could accept that the United States erect high trade barriers against their export, such as the car industry. Tariffs on U.S. products, such as consumer electronics, would be the automatic response – a kind of Anti-TTIP.

The man is not so stupid as to believe

Less traffic means less prosperity, and it applies most naturally, trade Nations. Just as the United States, which have always operated a policy of economically open door and is known to belong to the inventors of free trade. Trump knows that.

He knows for sure that the largest factory of BMW in the United States. Him to underestimate his knowledge gaps highlight, is a mistake. The man is not so stupid as to believe in this country. Trump is simply following a Plan.

want a quick Hit of Trump and Merkel

The behavior of the US President makes outside of the US for uncertainty. The Germans wish for an early Meeting of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Donald Trump.

source: The world/ Sarah Widter

He has now taken BMW deliberately targeted because the people of Munich are planning a plant in Mexico. And according to an appropriate pressure, maybe a size smaller. Or, in turn, more in the US to invest?

in Order to make the location US great, wants to make Trump, Mexico as a production location as small as possible. Its southern neighbour, the wages are significantly lower than in the United States, even lower than in China. According to cheaper it can be produced.

Trump goes with the crowbar before

For men like Trump, the Mexican band of the workers is what will flow shortly before the EU enlargement, the Polish Leger for German business representatives was: a nightmare. Because the can do everything that the domestic workers can also. Only much cheaper. That those Easter has not led to the collapse of the German economy that it is today, despite all the new competition is stronger than ever, not interested in Trump probably.

He has promised the U.S., new Jobs, Jobs are created, the last in Mexico. He wants to get back with the crowbar. And the Bad thing is: it works even. Ford and Chrysler already have a lie down, want to create their Mexico plants small to and of new jobs in the United States. Other car manufacturers will bend also, the US market is simply too important.

If this policy of blackmail continues to be this good, will make Trump the next industry and the next trading partner. One after the other – and, ultimately, the free trade to hollow out. It will be up to the EU and the WTO to stop Trump. In the long term, protectionism has used any trading nation.

Davos is looking for answers on protectionism

In Switzerland meet, the largest economic powers in the world. The participants of Davos with the Brexit, and a President Trump in front of unprecedented challenges.

source: The world


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