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Contribution shock: one out of Every four health insurance is now more expensive – in THE WORLD

Jede fourth statutory health insurance has increased for the new year, your contribution. This shows an evaluation of the “world” on the basis of the by the Central Association of statutory health insurance funds published post list. Accordingly, 27 of 113 statutory health insurance funds (GKV) in 2017, will be more expensive.

“The basic pressure remains in the System, the tendency to a rise in additional contributions as well,” said Doris Pfeiffer, Chairman of the Executive Board of the Shi head Association, the “world”. Despite the good economic situation, the expenditure of the funds grew still faster than revenue. About the year 2017, in addition to Pfeiffer, is “considerably” higher health insurance contributions.

source: infographic The world

Only two funds is less than 15 percent

the request for the First time this year, all the statutory health insurance an additional contribution. The last of the Baden-Württemberg limited Metzinger BKK is now on the General contribution rate of 14.6 percent – in addition you will be charged a surcharge of 0.3 percent.

in order for the company health insurance Fund, together with the AOK Saxony-Anhalt, but still the only one that requires of its members a total of less than 15 percent. At the other end of the spectrum, eleven health insurance companies, 16 percent, and more cost. In the previous year, there were only eight.

The most expensive statutory health insurance is 2017, BKK Vital with a contribution of 16.4 percent. Of the big cash only to Saxony and Thuringia limited AOK Plus your contribution. The nationwide provider, Barmer, techniker Krankenkasse and DAK health care costs as much as 2016.

grant of the Federal government in the election year of 2017

In the previous year, had shot two-thirds of the statutory health insurance funds at the price screw. And for this year more funds, the contributions can be stable, mainly due to the additional 1.5 billion euros, the distributed policy from the health Fund to the funds.

“This is encouraging for the Insured, but, unfortunately, only a one-off effect,” said Pfeiffer. Especially since the major cost of the reforms of recent years ought to be the first, nor the funds, for example, when it comes to the financing of the hospitals.

a Little optimistic, the General local sickness funds (AOK). “The legislature has provided money for peace of mind,” said Martin Litsch, Chairman of the Board of the AOK-Federal Association. 2018 at the latest, you’ll find a different Situation. With a view to the election year of 2017, took the handle in the liquidity reserve will avenge, Litsch, the money was missing after that.

change saves money, but also has risks

For the 55 million statutory health insurance members in Germany, depending on where you are insured to several Hundred euros per year. The Fund’s contribution of an average income earner with a gross income of 3000 Euro is moving in 2017 between 5364 euros and 5904 Euro – a difference of 540 Euro.

The contributions are paid by employees and employers together. The rate of the employer is capped at 7.3 percent, the rate for employees is at least 7.3 percent. Since the year 2015 funds may also obtain an additional contribution.

source: infographic world

By switching to a cheaper Fund, you can save a lot of money. But no one should choose his health insurance alone, according to the amount of the contribution, warn consumer advocates. Because of the quality of advice and the provision of additional services there can be large differences.

Some of the funds do not accept, for example, the costs for alternative treatment methods, other, other. The same is true for the professional tooth cleaning. One parent is sick, to pay some funds in a financial aid for a maximum of 14 days in a year, others for several weeks. Also on the subject of cancer screening, not all equal to act. Some take only from the 35. The age of the invoice to the skin doctor, other at young people.

Insured need to note when changing a lot

Insured should therefore check whether the offer from your insurance company fits your needs. It is not only direct benefits in the event of illness. Can also be important that the Fund is available around the clock via the phone or Internet. Older people may place value on personal advice.

Increased health insurance, the additional contribution, the Insured person and a special right of termination. In such cases, you can switch with a time limit of two months for the provider, even if they were in the previous 18 months as a member. The additional contribution to the 1 rises. January, it is sufficient if the customer terminates until the end of January, to be available beginning in April from another Fund-insured. This is not to say, however, that he comes around in the first three months of the year, the higher additional contribution.

number of funds decreases steadily

it is also Important: The customer must not have been a new cashier, if he terminates the old one. Two months time, to compare individual offers and to seek a new cash register is willing to. No cash is allowed by law, the membership is denied the Insured. Unless there are regional or professional restrictions.

The Fund selection has been reduced in the past few years. At the beginning of the 90s, there were more than 1,200 statutory sickness funds in Germany, the turn of the year 2016/2017, the number fell from 117 to 113. The cost pressures are forcing smaller companies to look at the larger shelter.

To the detriment of the Insured does not have to be. On the contrary, The members of the company health insurance (BKK), Braun-Gillette, thanks to the merger with Pronova BKK is now only an additional contribution of 1.2 percent. By the end of 2016, the cash required is still 1.9 per cent and was thus the most expensive. The United BKK now 0.9 percent instead of 1.2 percent. Together with the BKK Verkehrsbau Union (VBU).


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