Sunday, January 1, 2017

Common health insurance company Barmer GEK and the German BKK merge – Doctors newspaper

Doctors newspaper online, 30.12.2016

Company health management is to be further expanded.

ERFURT. BARMER GEK and Deutsche BKK, for 1. To be merged in January of a joint health insurance Fund under the name of BARMER . “The health cards will remain valid and will be replaced. The contribution rate is at 15.7 percent. In Thuringia, through the merger of approximately 18 000 of the German BKK Insured. The BARMER remains with more than 240 000 customers making it the largest spare cash in Thuringia.

The BARMER wants to expand especially in the area of Occupational health management. Both small and medium-sized businesses as well as large companies with access to specific health services, stated in a communication from the Fund. (eb)


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