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Car: nitrous oxide emissions from many Diesel Cars is higher than for trucks – TIME ONLINE

Berlin (Reuters) – Some of the most modern Diesel Cars bump according to an analysis of the research network is more than twice as much poisonous nitrogen oxides (NOx) from ICCT, such as new trucks or buses.

such As the environment, the scientists said, were the combined data of the force travel Federal office (KBA) and from Finland for people of the Euro 6 emission class in real road cars with diesel engines operating in average NOx emissions of 500 milligrams per Kilometer. In the case of commercial vehicles, there were only 210 milligrams.

The ICCT, who had uncovered the exhaust-scandal at Volkswagen, sees the results as a further proof of the fact that the exhaust gas tests in the laboratory must be rapidly by measurements in real traffic added. Such RDE-Tests (“Real Driving Emissions”) are to come in the EU as of September step-by-step. “Manufacturers have to prepare intensively”, said the auto Association VDA. Already today, many models on the market, the RDE had managed boundaries or steps. For the CO2 emissions of the so-called WLTP test procedure is in the planning stage.

The researchers stressed that, for a better comparability of the data between passenger Cars and commercial vehicles – with the inclusion of the higher load requirements for Truck and buses, even greater deviations occur. Then, the NOx emissions of the considered Diesel Cars sun “even to a factor of 10 higher than the comparable values for commercial vehicles,” said ICCT-the author of the Study Rachel Muncrief. In the case of trucks and buses, devices are already since 2013, mobile measurement duty, therefore, to the often-prepared laboratory Car better data.

ICCT-Europe-in-chief Peter Mock, criticized the fact that some car makers also wanted to use the PPE-procedures-prepared prototypes. “It would be better, instead, normal production vehicles from the customer’s hand measured and random follow-up checks.”

This is also the Federal Minister of the environment Barbara Hendricks (SPD). “In the future, follow-up checks must be independent of the manufacturers carried out on the basis of randomly-selected production vehicles,” she said of the “Rheinische Post” (Saturday). In November, the ICCT was also reported drastic deviations from the official catalog and actual values of the CO2 – emissions. With a view to the NOx data, the VDA complained that the Car values are identical with those of the ICCT used two years ago.

transport expert, Greenpeace, Tobias Austrup, reiterated his criticism of politics and the automotive industry in the development of new exhaust emission standards: “This is the sad merit of the Federal government, working in Brussels for years, as an auxiliary to the car lobby for weak limits, and unrealistic emission tests.”

From the environmental Association BUND, it was said that German transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt (CSU) should be “finally, and all of the currently authorised for sale Diesel-new vehicles from the Federal motor transport authority (KBA) remeasure”. After the announcement of the VW-scandal had tested the KBA are already models from other manufacturers. The FEDERAL government made him a request for the stopping of sales of new Diesel vehicles.

The magazine “auto motor und sport” reported under the new own nitric oxide measurements, which show significant differences in real driving operation. For example, the Renault-Diesel-model Captur dCi 110 with more than 1300 milligrams of NOx per kilometre have located to a 16.7-fold above the permissible laboratory limit value according to the Euro 6 standard. Are allowed to 80 milligrams per kilometre.

ICCT analysis

ICCT: The research Association on the trace of the exhaust-deceptions

- As a composite of environmental and technology researchers from

different countries) of the International Council on Clean

Transportation (ICCT in the past few years, especially with the

the car industry. The formation of the independent and

Foundation money funded organization belonged, together with the

West Virgina University whistle-blowers of VW-exhaust-scandal in

the United States. Data from self-conducted vehicle tests led

a significant contribution to the environmental authorities have looked at the pollutant emissions

diesel cars more accurately – “diesel gate” was the result.

- A focus of scientists for the consequences of the

the growing global movement for climate and air quality. An Advisory Board

with representatives from authorities and research institutions should support the

work. Today, the founded in 2005, ICCT has about 40 festivals

employees. Europe-chief of its non-profit

organization of the engineer and chemist Peter Mock, of the Department of the Daimler group was previously

among other things in the environment.


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