Thursday, January 5, 2017

Black Model enraged Czechs: Lidl reaping the Shitstorm for advertising NEWS

Thursday, 05. January 2017

Lidl prints in the Czech Republic, a promotional brochure and in doing so triggers a wave of indignation. The Reason For This? Some have a Problem with the Model that presents a sweater. Don’t you think the man look “Czech”.

In the Czech Republic, a promotional brochure of the German discounter Lidl for violent reactions. On the Facebook page of the company, a rule is raging right-wing Shitstorm. Trigger a Model that is presented in the prospectus a Sweatshirt. The man is black.

“We would have shopped like you, but you don’t come to us, please, with the multi-kulti!”, it is the media, for example, in one of the Facebook comments. “Do not overdo it a little? On flyers in the Czech Republic Advertising I expect typical Czech Models”, writes another user. Another phrased it even more sharply: “I’m disgusted. Multiculturalism leads to the extinction of the white race.”

the reaction to The advertising is not surprising. At the latest, in the course of the refugee crisis, the negative attitude of many Czechs towards foreigners is once again apparent. The country has so far taken hardly any of the refugees.

The proportion of foreigners in the Czech Republic is four per cent, far below the EU average. Nevertheless, almost 60 percent of the population according to polls, believe that foreigners are responsible for rising unemployment and crime in the Czech Republic. Every second Czech is of the opinion that there is life to many foreigners in the country.

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However, also opposite opinions to advertising, the debate on the Lidl. Since Czechs accuse their compatriots of the “stupidity” and call them “pathetic”. Other of the criticism of the advertising with irony: “the one with The Black is really going too far. I am requesting immediately a gun license. Best for a tank.”

Lidl Czech Republic has referred to the comments now Position and left: “We live in the 21st century. Century where different ethnic groups coexist together. We see no differences. The more you know of the world, the more tolerance you develop. Therefore, we employ Models from all Parts of the world,” the company said.




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