Friday, January 13, 2017

Bail denied: Detained VW-Manager remains in custody – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Miami (Reuters) – A because of alleged involvement in the exhaust gas scandal in Florida arrested a VW Manager remains in custody. At a hearing in Miami, the judge dismissed the request to put the defendants on bail.

There is a serious risk that the man flee to Germany, where he had to fear extradition to, and his trial in the USA involving deprivation of liberty. The German a sentence of 169 years.

The 48-Year-old to be brought by officials of the judicial authority of the US Marshals Service for court of competent jurisdiction in Detroit, where criminal charges against him and the process. The man is accused of being part of a conspiracy to commit fraud and breach of environmental laws. He is particularly accused of trying to run exhaust-manipulations to hide, and investigators astray.

when the VW-employees, was in charge until March 2015 in a senior function with the environment in the United States, appears for the first time in front of the competent judge Sean Cox in Detroit, according to a spokeswoman for the office of the attorney General of Michigan. The defendant, wanted to return last Saturday from a vacation to Germany and at the airport in Miami by the Federal Bureau of investigation was taken, might as well stay for a while in Florida in Arrest.

The man is one of six current and former Volkswagen Manager wants to sue the U.S. Department of justice, in connection with the diesel affair criminal. In the case of the other defendants, this should not be so easy, because the US investigators in Germany have difficult access to them. In the 39-page lawsuit, a number of allegations of deliberate wrong statements, to the destruction of evidence listed.

VW had admitted in U.S. criminal cases already on the level of the company pleaded guilty and criminal acts. The group pays in a on Wednesday by the U.S. Department of justice announced settlement of 4.3 billion dollars (4.1 billion euros), to criminal and civil law conflicts. This agreement must still be approved by judge Cox.


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