Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Airbus reports for 2016 record deliveries of passenger jets – Handelsblatt

production of the Airbus A350 XWB

Airbus has delivered in the past year, as many transport planes as never before.

(photo: Reuters)

Toulouse/MunichAirbus wants to overtake in the business with passenger jets to its US arch-rival Boeing, despite the weakening jobs. Until 2019, the European aircraft manufacturer will deliver more machines than the Americans, said Fabrice Bregier, CEO of Airbus Commercial, on Wednesday. In the past year, the group was able to shorten the distance to Boeing. 688 machinery handed over to Airbus to customers, an increase of eight percent. Thus, the pan-European manufacturer was also above the plan target of more than 670 machines. Orders with Airbus, Boeing was in spite of a decline is already behind.

Among the machines delivered were 28 aircraft of the type A380 and 49 Langstreckenjets A350. Boeing announced last week for 2016, a decline of two per cent on the 748 deliveries and remained in the number of orders with 668 behind Airbus. As a result, the group wants to save from Seattle and jobs.

great job: Airbus delivers 100 machines of Iran Air

After the end of the sanctions against Iran, the country aims to modernize its obsolete fleet of aircraft quickly. The European aircraft manufacturer, Airbus, has now withdrawn a billion-dollar large contract. more…

Airbus showed despite the decline in the new orders to 731 of more than 1000 machines in the previous year, undaunted. “I recognise that there is a cycle in the orders. But there is no production," said sales chief John Leary. Since the age of 14 Airbus increase every year the number of its deliveries. “And we will do the next year and the year after that.” At least with the smaller models, which account for the lion’s share of Airbus manufacturing, was sold out of the group up to the year 2021.

More than 6800 flyers are in the order books, the entire order volume spent beyond a trillion dollars, said Bregier. “It remains a challenge, the order backlog to work through,” said the Frenchman. For the current year, Airbus has the production of more than 700 passenger models. Thanks to this demand, the group allowed the list prices in 2017, an average of one percent to raise. Pay to the revenue of last year, wants to announce the group chief Executive Tom Enders at the end of February.

During the transition to the new model generations, such as the A320 and A350 will always work better, remains to be the gigantic Airbus A380 the Airbus. “The market is weakening,” said Leahy. Also Boeing sell a few new machines of its largest models. Nevertheless, Airbus is sticking to the controversial plane. In the future, they wanted to increase the production capacity to twelve Jets per year. “The passenger traffic doubles every 15 years and there are hardly built new airports,” said Leary. “I think the A380 has a future,” said Bregier.

The revised Mittelstreckenjet A330 with its new turbine generation to advance in development. In the first half of the year he would withdraw for the first Time, said Bregier. The production capacity of the A320neo and long-haul model, the A350 would be gradually expanded.

the Strongest growth engine for the Airbus are still the Airlines from Asia. Almost a third of the revenues of the group come from the far East. But, the Iran is after the end of the nuclear embargo to an important market. The national airline of the country has ordered a machine at a list price of 19 billion dollars. The first Jet should be on Wednesday handed over. Most recently it had a major role among the customers of leasing companies, which have specialized in the rental of aircraft to play.


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