Friday, November 4, 2016

VW: outrage over the Unschulds reasoning of Volkswagen – MIRROR ONLINE

Volkswagen is encountered with arguments on the admissibility of the cut-Off devices for diesel engines. The Land of lower Saxony, which holds 20 percent of Volkswagen, distanced himself from the statements of the auto group.

Stephan is Prime Minister is Because undeniable that the years of of VW used Software have led to the to the test better nitrogen oxide values have been found than the one actually on the road, said a spokeswoman for the state Chancellery in Hanover. “This manipulative procedure is in the opinion of the Minister-President is not excusable, regardless of the question whether the Software were due to differences in national Law is inadmissible or not.”

Also, the Federal Ministry of transport, went on a distance: “We do not share the view of VW,” said a spokesman. The force travel Federal office have found that VW use an illegal defeat device. So it was also included in the report of the Commission of inquiry. Therefore, the Bay admission authority had ordered the mandatory recall of 2.4 million diesel vehicles of the group in Germany.

Deutsche Umwelthilfe speaks of intentional deception

the name of The game, which is one of the sharpest critics of Volkswagen, accusing the group of intentional deception. VW attempts to weaken the argument to the cut-off device, the legal position of the affected car owners in order to escape compensation payments. “We believe that this is fraud,” said DUH-national Manager Jürgen Resch. “The lower Saxony state group denies also the health devastating effects of diesel exhaust poison NO2, is a mockery of the millions in the Metropolitan under diesel exhaust suffering people.”

Volkswagen argues that there is currently no adequate information about the actual connection between nitrogen oxide concentrations and health effects. “A serious investigation of disease numbers or even death for certain groups of the population, according to our knowledge, from a scientific point of view, not possible.”

The group takes the view that the offending Software in diesel engines, it was “no impermissible switch-off device according to European law”. The effectiveness of the exhaust cleaning system will not be reduced in these vehicles, had communicated to the group on Thursday surprisingly. The group does not deny that he has a built-in shut-off device that stops this, but to be inadmissible.

and That VW is making roughly eight million cars in Europe, founded the group that they wanted to work together in the interest of the customer constructively with the authorities.

With this line of argument is to avoid VW in order for compensation payments to millions of customers in Germany and Europe.

VW had added a year to the US authorities to have the Software of the engine control system manipulated so that nitrogen oxide limits are not only respected on the test bench, but in Street use. In the United States, a comparison with car owners and the authorities, around 15 billion Euro costs of the group in the diesel scandal. In Europe, the Wolfsburg-based group rejected a compensation to the customer.


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